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   Chapter 1138 The Sealed Power

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Teleportation was a form of spatial power. Among the people who had such skill, the gnome's was the most profound, for it was his race's special gift.

"Study this and see if you can find a way out,"

Austin told the gnome, looking forward to seeing what he could do.

Without wasting any time, the gnome began to study the space above the altar.

Austin, Violet, Nathan, and the Sect Supremo had all tried to their best to make something out of the thing above the altar, but they really couldn't understand it.

Annoyed, they all stepped aside and let the gnome do what he needed to do.

With the gnome concentrating on the task given to him, they all fell silent, hoping that he would be able to help them in this situation.

Austin took out a jade slip from his Space Ring a few minutes after the gnome started working. On it was a method called the "Fire Formula".

This jade slip had existed for thousands of years now, and it had been handed down from generation to generation within the Fire Worshiping Sect. Nathan gave it to him.

Looking through what the slip had to offer, Austin became most interested in how to control the Unearthly Fire.

It was mainly about how to incorporate the Unearthly Fire into one's own vital energy attack, take advantage of its incredible power, and turn it into a move that would easily destroy an enemy.

Austin had three kinds of Unearthly Fires on him, and for the longest time, he mainly used them for alchemy. In some cases, he was able to use its Scorching Power, but nothing more than that.

Why? Because he didn't have the ability to control them. His knowledge was immensely insufficient, and he was afraid to unleash something he could not control if he accidentally misused their powers.

That was why he became overjoyed when Nathan gifted him the jade slip of the different fire formulas. As soon as he got it, he immediately wanted to learn it and to practice how to control the Unearthly Fires that he had.

Since he had nothing else to do, Austin decided to practice.

Also, as per what the gnome said, even if the entrance to the small alternate dimension was rally above the altar, the spatial teleportation power was mysterious and unpredictable, making it extremely impenetrable.

So even if the loca

al. Not then, not now.

It will take us at least a hundred years -- two hundred, even -- to open that sealed power and leave the small alternate dimension,"

he concluded.

"One or two hundred years?

Our tribe has been trapped in this small alternate dimension for a thousand years,"

sighed the queen, sad and downcast over hearing the priest's words.

"But, Your Majesty, if we can find someone with the special power to assist us, perhaps, we can leave the small alternate dimension way sooner,"

the priest said reassuringly.

"Oh, Priest, I know the special power you are talking about.

I have searched for that all over the small alternate dimension but there is just... no one. No one has such a positive attribute energy that is strong enough to crack the seal.

It seems that we will have to stay here in the small alternate dimension for another one or two hundred years,"

the queen sadly said.

"You are right, Your Majesty.

The humans who had broken into the valley must have been looking for a way out.

Let me go to them, lest they unintentionally destroy the teleportation port above the altar,"

the priest said. A group of disciples quickly gathered around him and they immediately headed to the valley where Austin and the others were.

Meanwhile, Austin was already improving his control over the Scorching Evil Fire.

He tried stretching out his right arm and slowly, the Scorching Evil Fire came out of his palm.


Austin ordered it authoritatively.

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