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   Chapter 1137 The True Power Of Archaic Weapons

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"Wow, master! You've finally made it!"

Violet and the gnome exclaimed and ran next to Austin as soon as they found out that their master had finally succeeded in his breakthrough.

"Yeah! Check it out! I'm now a Tribulation Realm cultivator. It's really difficult to reach the Tribulation Realm from the Astral Realm. And now I've made it,"

Austin sighed when he remembered how he worked hard in the past ten days to achieve the stage where he was now.

"Congratulations are in order, master! I'm really happy for you! You've finally made the breakthrough on becoming a Tribulation Realm cultivator!"

The Sect Supremo and Nathan said with such excitement as they came to congratulate Austin on his recent breakthrough.

"Time for the fun part! Now, let me try my bad boy! It's time to witness the archaic weapon's true power,"

Austin said as his eyes sparkled with excitement.

Everybody knew how precious an archaic weapon was. In the Prime Martial World, it was regarded as a magic treasure that millions of cultivators dreamed of having. It was a priceless treasure that everyone would want to get their hands on for its spine-chilling power.

But in order for an archaic weapon to work to its full power, a strong cultivation base and vital energy was demanded from the user.

In line with this, the activation of an archaic weapon required the cultivator to have a cultivation base of at least the Tribulation Realm.

An archaic weapon's strength and power, however, was anchored to how strong the warrior's vital energy and cultivation base were—the stronger the vital energy and the cultivation base were, the more powerful the archaic weapon's attacks would be.

Moreover, consequences would arise if the user had not achieve the Tribulation Realm. And if anything such as this would happen, it could present such catastrophic effects that could end up destroying the user.

The consequences were as grave as death—an archaic weapon could badly hurt or even kill the user, instead of exerting its aggressive power.

The only reason why Austin was able to use the Slaughtering Sword even before he reached the Tribulation Realm was that he had a strong spiritual soul. This giant increase in his spiritual soul's power happened after it had fused with the spiritual tree. And this only allowed his spiritual sense to be powerful enough to stop the Slaughtering Sword's killing intent that aimed towards his Soul Sea.

What's more, Austin's strong physical strength could easily deal with the damage the Slaughtering Sword brought to his body.

But his vital energy force was not as strong as a Tribulation Realm cultivator's back then. This, however, allowed him to only exert part of the Slaughtering Sword's power when his cultivation base was only at the Astral Realm.

This knowledge was not new to Austin for he very well knew about it when he decided to use the Slaughtering Sword.

But now that he was already a Tribulation Realm cultivator, he had nothing to worry about for his vital energy was significantly stronger now to summon the sword's t

that Austin also had the same thoughts about it.

What troubled them was how to leave this small alternate dimension.

Everyone knew that it was tricky to get into a small alternate dimension, and this left the whole team puzzled.

This was a problem for them because only during some specific time, most of small alternate dimensions would be open. Otherwise, a cultivator had to use some special arcane spells to enter a small alternate dimension.

But Austin and his companions knew nothing about such arcane spells that could send them back to their dimension.

They all scratched their heads as they had no idea how to get out of there.

It took them a long discussion on how to leave. And after a long while, Austin and his companions arrived at a solution.

They all had agreed to go back to the altar where they were transported to.

They thought that the entrance of this small alternate dimension should lie over the altar which would grant them the escape that they needed.

Austin then hurriedly took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and got into it with his companions.

And in a split second, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot flashed over the sky like a meteor, rushing to the valley where the altar was.

About thirty minutes of travel, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot had finally reached the valley.


The chariot halted at the center of the valley, and floated over the altar.

Then, Austin and the others stepped out of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, one by one.

After Austin put away the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, he and the others landed on the altar slowly and safely, with one foot in front of the other.

"I can definitely feel the spacial teleportation power hovering over the altar. This must be it,"

the gnome said as soon as he arrived in the area.

Austin and the others felt excited when they heard the gnome exclaim that this could be their ticket out of the dimension.

And just as they had expected, they saw that the entrance of this small alternate dimension lay over the altar.

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