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   Chapter 1136 Finally Reach The Tribulation Realm

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"Oh? Two more humans?

Looks like they have a special kind of the magic treasures for people to hide into. Those two people must have hidden in the magic treasure before,"

the demure and elegant queen said in a low voice, as she sat mightily at the center of the throne.

"Your Majesty, I beg you. Please don't hurt Austin.

He saved me and Debby more times than I can ever repay, and he had also saved my father, Uncle Ned, and Uncle Liam. He is a good man."

There were two beautiful young girls who sat next to the queen. And they were none other than Emma and Debby.

"Your Majesty, Austin has helped our Xian Clan multiple times already. It was I who allowed Austin to enter the Xian Clan's Shrine. I gave him my permission.

That is why he followed us and had ended up here in the first place."

Among the subjects who were present before the queen, an elder man whose hair just started to turn gray stood up and spoke respectfully to the queen. It was Robert, the leader of the Xian Clan and Emma's grandfather.

"Well, all right. Since you vouched for this Austin and he had saved the two princesses, then we owe him. Very well, I won't trouble him,"

the queen nodded and replied kindly.

"Thank you so much, Your Majesty!"

After they had heard what the queen said, Emma and Debby were both excited and they expressed their gratitude to the queen at once.

"Anyway, Emma and Debby, what is the progress of your cultivation of the Shadowy Moon Skill which I have taught you?

Were you able to create the evil energy inside your bodies?"

the queen suddenly asked the two, changing the subject.

"I was able to successfully cultivate the first level,"

Debby answered instantly, excitement filled her eyes.


Ha-ha, Debby, you must have made a mistake.

When the evil energy appeared inside your body, it means that the cultivation process had just began.

You have to work harder if you want to succeed and reach the first level."

The queen hesitated for a few seconds, and then explained the situation with a smile. It was obvious that she doted on Debby.

"But Your Majesty, it's all true. I am quite positive that what I said is the truth.

Watch this!"

Debby stretched out her soft hands as she activated the evil energy, then a light gray energy emitted from her palms and started to spread out. In a blink of an eye, her graceful body was fully enveloped by the energy. She looked magnificent.

Debby's body became blurry because of the gray energy surrounding her. But she looked so magical and out of this world.

"The first level of the Shadowy Moon Skill!

This... This is incredible!"

Seeing this scene, the queen was so surprised that her mouth opened so big that two eggs could even be put into it.

"This is just unbelievable!


al energy force flow faster in his energy meridian. His deep concentration was fueled by determination and resolve.

The ninth day passed by but still nothing.

But, on the tenth day of Austin's cultivation, an amazing thing suddenly happened.


All of a sudden, the spiritual energy in the valley and thousands of meters around it formed into a tornado of the spiritual energy as if they were triggered and were responding to something. The tornado rushed towards the deep place of the valley where Austin laid. It surged like a tsunami, so powerful and majestic.

The tornado blew away all the plants, trees, rocks and dust in the valley into the air.

"Look! It seems that master is about to achieve the breakthrough soon!"

Violet screamed excitedly.

"The cultivation method that master has practiced is so horrifying yet so amazing.

This anomaly being manifested by the breakthrough is much more fierce and destructive than the usual breakthrough of the Tribulation Realm."

The leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect was shocked as he stared at the scene which unfolded before his very eyes.

In the center of the tornado of the spiritual energy, Austin sat still like an ancient master. It was as if he was unperturbed of the destructive force which surrounded him.

As time passed by, the tornado of spiritual energy in the valley became more and more intense and ferocious. It was like a wild beast gone berserk.


Suddenly, an overwhelming wave of vital energy force which was much stronger than before emerged from Austin's body like a flood.

At the same time, Austin suddenly opened his eyes which were now sharp and bright.

He took a deep breath as if he were reborn once again.

He had finally reached the Tribulation Realm.

Austin was ecstatic. All his hard work and all those day spent in cultivation were all worth it.

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