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   Chapter 1135 Make A Breakthrough

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Deep in the valley, Austin finally found a comfortable space.

There was a small dry lawn in a thick thorn bush.

Austin sat with his legs crossed.

He adjusted his breathing to concentrate better and ran the vital energy inside his body several times. Then, he took over a hundred thousand pieces of divine vital energy crystal from the Space Ring and used them to build a wall of divine vital energy crystal around himself.

He then took out a jade bottle containing the Refined Vital Energy Liquid, opened the stopper, and drank it all.

Austin felt a tremor in his body as a tremendous force of the Refined Vital Energy Liquid spread through every corner of his body, including his skin, muscle, bones and veins covering every cell.

The Refined Vital Energy Liquid was overwhelming. It was so powerful that it had a strong all-pervading force.

Austin felt the force concentrate on his energy meridian as it was quickly cleaned throughout his body. He could feel some of the impurities and filth that had accumulated during his previous training were continually expelled through his pores.

'The Refined Vital Energy Liquid is so amazing!' Austin thought happily.

Austin quickly started using the Golden Sun Scripture to match the impact caused by the Refined Vital Energy Liquid on his energy meridian.

At the same time, the fist-sized golden ball in the elixir field of Austin's body passed through his body and got suspended above his head. The golden ball emitted a dazzling light, shining over the surrounding wall of the divine vital energy crystal. It started to absorb the essence of the divine vital energy crystal, which would continuously replenish the amount of vital energy in Austin.


The vital energy that was moving through Austin's energy meridian gradually became stronger and stronger. It felt like rolling rivers were rushing through his body and making the rumbling sounds.

At that point, if someone stood beside Austin, he would hear a strange noise produced from Austin's body. The noise was so loud that it made the ground in the valley shake slightly.

Some of the beasts and birds living nearby felt the pressure of the vital energy force emanating from Austin and desperately fled.

Three days later…

Austin was still sitting in the same position as if he

us outside the valley!"

As a master of the Heaven Realm, the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect now had a strong spiritual sense. After he sensed the intruders, he immediately conveyed the information to the others.

"They must be the queen's men! They seem to follow us everywhere we go!"

the Sect Supremo said.

"The queen is so powerful that I'm not sure if I can beat her even if I reach the medium stage of Heaven Realm.

I guess she has reached at least the premium stage of Heaven Realm.

Besides the queen herself, her people must also be powerful.

If they know we are in this valley, they'll come after us," said the sect leader anxiously.

He seemed agitated at the thought of the queen and her people.

"But our master is about to make a breakthrough now. We can't bother him!"

Violet said as she frowned.

Martial artists who practice vital energy, especially those who were about to make a breakthrough, hated to be disturbed because it would distract them and prevent them from reaching the next stage. An interruption could have serious repercussions for a cultivator.

The powerful vital energy might backfired on them, which would seriously affect their future practice.

"Let's do what we have to do," sighed the leader in resignation.

They all felt a little upset at the thought of the queen.

"Her Majesty, we've found the two men.

They are in a valley to the east.

And, they are not alone. There seem to be four people in that valley,"

a young man reported to the queen in the palace.

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