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   Chapter 1133 A Crystal Tree

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When Austin stood in front of the crystal tree, he felt as though his body was being filled with wisdom and enlightenment. Another thing that surprised Austin was that his vital energy flowed faster through his body.

Austin felt that he would make a breakthrough to a higher level of his vital energy if he meditated and cultivated in front of the crystal tree for a while.

It was, indeed, very valuable!

Although Austin had only recently discovered the crystal tree, he understood that it was a treasure, which he had never seen before. He was eager to possess it.

Austin had identified an extraordinary aura behind the waterfall before.

Turned out it was the aura of the crystal tree.

Austin felt very comfortable immersed in the wonderful aura of the crystal tree.

But Austin knew that he couldn't waste any more time.

The three-headed ghostly python would return any time. Austin knew that his chances of defeating the three-headed ghostly python were slim. Thus, he didn't want to take the risk.

Austin brought out his Slaughtering Sword quickly and began to dig around the crystal tree so that he could take it with him.

Since the Slaughtering Sword was an archaic weapon, it was so sharp that Austin was able to dig a hole as easily as cutting tofu.

After a few minutes, Austin found that there were a significant number of divine vital energy crystals under the ground.

The divine vital energy crystals were arranged in order and were full of spiritual energy. They shone brightly.

That crystal tree was rooted in these divine vital energy crystals.


Could this be a divine vital energy crystal mine?'

Austin's breath became heavier.

Austin used the Slaughtering Sword to dig out a large piece of the divine vital energy crystal that was connected to the crystal tree. Austin then put them into his Space Ring.

Afterward, he used his Slaughtering Sword to continue digging.

As soon as the tunnel was ready, Austin walked in. After about ten meters, he saw that the tunnel was full of divine vital energy crystals.

A smile grew on Austin's face when he saw a huge quantity of crystals. Now, he was certain that this was a divine vital energy crystal mine.

The proof lay right in front of him!

In a short time, Austin had got more than a h

e. They didn't want to take the risk because they had lived here for a long time and they knew that the three-headed ghostly python was very fierce.

After about fifteen minutes, Austin and his group were a few hundred thousand meters away from that mountain.

Austin believed that the three-headed ghostly python couldn't keep up with them anymore.

So they landed in a secret valley.

As soon as they landed, Austin couldn't wait to consume several elixirs.

Austin's back had been injured due to the three-headed ghostly python's furious attacks.

And in the battle, the Sect Supremo had been severely wounded by the three-headed ghostly python. The wounds on half of the Sect Supremo's body were still bleeding. In some places, Austin could see his bones.

Nathan was also hurt. But his wounds weren't as serious as the Sect Supremo's.

The gnome hadn't been hurt during the battle as he escaped using the teleportation ability.

Austin took out some elixirs that would heal wounds and handed them to Nathan and the Sect Supremo. Since he thought that they were safe in this secret valley, Austin knew that this was the perfect time and place to heal their wounds.

After swallowing several elixirs, Austin sat cross-legged on the ground and began meditating. He replenished his vital energy to heal his wounds.

Fortunately for Austin, his wounds were superficial. Thus, it was easy for him to recover quickly.

After about fifteen minutes, Austin felt that he had recovered. His body was as healthy as before.

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