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   Chapter 1132 Luring The Python Out Of Its Nest

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After resting for about half an hour, Austin, along with Nathan, the Sect Supremo, and the gnome, made his way back to the waterfall where the three-headed ghostly python awaited. Austin was determined to get whatever treasures it was protecting. Since the python was extremely powerful to the point of being invincible, he had come up with a clever plan.

Before carrying out the plan with his three companions, Austin took out four green pills. Each of them took one without any hesitation.

The green pill, called the Green Antidotal Pill, was an eighth grade pill dedicated for detoxification.

Austin obtained the pills earlier from the treasure storage of the Oracle Sect.

The red fog that the three-headed ghostly python released had now completely covered the area of about a hundred feet around the waterfall.

Austin, as a pill refiner, easily discerned that the red fog contained an incredibly deadly poison. Anyone who inhaled even a tiny bit of it would instantly be killed. Without a special pill to deal with its poison, no one dared to approach the fog. The Green Antidotal Pills were perfect to protect them under such a situation.

After the pill took effect, Austin said no more words. He simply took out his Slaughtering Sword and waved it. A dozen or so streaks of bloody sword aura immediately struck towards the back of the waterfall, where the python's nest was located.


Hit by the sword aura, the falling water suddenly split into two and violent ripples appeared on the cold pool where the water flowed.


Came a loud and furious howl from behind the waterfall.

The enormous figure of the three-headed ghostly python, with heads as big as houses, immediately rushed out from the waterfall and charged towards Austin.

"Attack it now!

But be careful not to get too close to it, just attack it from afar. More importantly, don't get too carried away in the fight. Once our goal of luring it out of its nest is achieved, you should retreat immediately!"

Austin bellowed.

After he finished speaking, he instantaneously launched attacks towards the python using all four of his skills, the Timing Finger, the Slaughtering Sword auras, the Bone-shaped Demon Claw, and the Flaming Swordplay Array.

His companions, Nathan, the gnome, and the Sect Supremo also launched ferocious vital energy attacks at the python.

The thunder unicorn roared

as it sprang out of Austin's elixir field, spurting out bolts of thunder arcs towards the python.

The positions in which the four of them stood was well thought-out; they were all scattered hundreds or thousands of meters away from the waterfall, launching vital energy attacks from afar just as their master had told them to.

Austin was surpri

Behind the waterfall was a cave.

Austin had no time to stop, so he moved as quickly as possible.

He had to hurry up as he didn't have much time left.

He was quite aware that in any moment, the three-headed ghostly python would find out that something was wrong, making it come rushing back to its nest. He had to get the treasures before it returned.

Austin eventually arrived at the end of the cave.

He saw a quite open space there. It looked similar to a stone hall. Rays of bright light shone down from the cracks on the cave's stone ceiling, making the whole place appear incredibly bright.

In a corner of the stone hall, there was a small pool that covered an area of less than three square feet.

The pool was filled with a milky white liquid, its depth about the height of half a finger.

Rich and fragrant spiritual energy wafted from it.

Right above the pool, there were obvious traces of liquid flowing through, indicating that the liquid in the pool was from somewhere else.

'What's this?'

Austin mused, slightly stunned.

However, he knew that this was not the right time to find out what it was. He hurriedly took out dozens of jade bottles and filled them all with the milky white liquid from the pool. After that, he carefully placed the bottles in his Space Ring.

Feeling delighted, he quickly looked around. Something at the other corner of the stone hall attracted his attention.

There was a small peculiar-looking tree about three feet or so. Its branches and its leaves were transparent and glittering as if they were made of crystals.

It looked more like an exquisite ornament made of crystal rather than a living tree.

Austin could not feel any sign of vitality from its trunk. However, he did feel all sorts of wonderful yet bizarre aura exuding from its branches and leaves.

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