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   Chapter 1131 The Powerful Three-headed Ghostly Python

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Austin's spiritual sense detected a great waterfall by the mountainside.

The waterfall seemed like a huge milky piece hanging freely from the mountain. The peaceful sound of running water could be heard from thousands of meters away.

Directly below the waterfall was a pool of freezing water, and as the waterfall hit the pool, the splashing water permeated the whole mountainside.

However, what caught Austin's attention the most was the palisades behind the majestic waterfall. It was enormous, and seemed to be as smooth as a mirror.

Even the enthralling waterfall could not shield its extraordinary mysterious aura.

On a side note, it was the air of mystery around it that immediately caught the attention of Austin's spiritual sense.

From experience, Austin knew that areas with such an air of mystery were likely to have some treasures hidden within it.

Not wanting to waste any time, Austin immediately applied his bodily movement skill and reached the mountaintop in no time.

Then, he chose to land at the opening right before the pool.

Enormous amounts of water fell from the top and landed on the little pool of freezing-cold water, producing a sound so loud it made Austin's ears ring.

More than that, the pool's temperature was so low that even everything around the pool was freezing.

After checking out the rest of the pool, Austin launched himself towards the waterfall at once in an attempt to go right through the waterfall and check what was hidden in the palisades for himself.

But before he even got close to the waterfall, all of a sudden, he heard a deafening sound.

Then, a gigantic figure broke out from behind the waterfall and headed straight for Austin.

It was a black python!

The python was enormous in size. But the creepiest thing about it was that it had three heads -- each had a demonic and ugly face with a big bloody mouth that made it look immensely ferocious.

The moment he took the image of the python in, Austin realized that it was actually a three-headed ghostly python!

When Austin recognized the serpent, he nearly shouted out of fear.

The three-headed ghostly python was a very rare demonic beast. According to old sayings, its bloodline was actually very special, and its power was unparalleled by anything.


One of the three heads suddenly opened its giant mouth and went straight for Austin at a frightening speed

even our queen wouldn't dare to go against it.

Those two humans have no idea what they are up against."

Apparently, the gray figures were the queen's men who were tracking the whereabouts of Austin and the sect leader.

They traced them all the way there and found that Austin was fighting with the three-headed ghostly python at the mountain where it resided.

Austin retreated to a slope that was about six thousand meters from the waterfall. He then fetched a healing pill and ate it before he started to adjust his breath.

Austin had sustained some flesh wounds, and the healing pill helped heal those in a short span of time.

After catching his breath for a moment, Austin then teleported both the gnome and the sect leader out of the City model.

Given the power of the three-headed ghostly python, Austin immediately assumed that what it was guarding must have been of great value.

Austin was stubborn -- there was no way he was going to give up easily.

"Yes, you're right about it. There is something precious behind that waterfall.

I can feel the aura of a treasure."

The gnome looked at the direction of the waterfall to feel it out and agreed with Austin.

"Our only problem is that even with the three of us together, there is still no way we can defeat the three-headed ghostly python,"

said the gnome in a concerned voice.

"If we can't beat it, then we should try to outsmart it by drawing it away from the waterfall!"

Austin said upon thinking of a new idea.

"Draw it out?"

Both the gnome and the sect leader were a bit stunned at Austin's suggestion.

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