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   Chapter 1130 Coming Across A Garden Of Elixir (Part Two)

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On the ground, the earth was heavily filled with vegetation, and the jungle was truly lush and green.

But then, Austin's attention zeroed in on the plants beneath him. Their color was perfectly fine, but they were all abnormally huge in size.

Most of the plants were not familiar to Austin. Some trees towered to about several thousand meters, whose dense canopy stretched out as far as thousands of miles and effectively blocked out the sunlight. They were like giant trees.

Even the grass grew to about dozens of meters tall. All of which were taller than Austin.

Austin guessed that he would look like a tiny ant amidst the grass down there, like getting lost in a forest of grass.

Flying slowly and carefully, Austin decided to take a tour around the area and tried to discover more about this strange place. The more he looked at the exotic plants, the more intrigued he was by this world. It just peaked his curiosity.

As someone who was already a high level pill refiner, he had certainly mastered a wide vocabulary about various herbal plants. But as he continued to fly around, Austin saw so many fantastic ones that he couldn't even recognize.

Could it be that he was no longer in the Prime Martial World?

It looked like a completely different and isolated world, as if he stepped in another planet. Was it possible that he had broken into one of the small alternate dimensions?

Austin suddenly lapsed into a deep thought as he tried to figure out his current situation.

He had heard rumors that there existed many relatively small and special worlds. Warriors in the Prime Martial World called them small alternate dimensions.

The Mysterious Nether World was a good example of such alternate dimensions. Austin had accidentally entered the Mysterious Nether World when he was still in the Violet Orchid Empire.

It was believed that there were some exceptional and unique species of animals and plants which only existed in some of those small alternate dimensions after a long stretch of isolation. And they were considered to be quite a prize.

Austin had proved this rumor to be true when he had entered the Mysterious Nether World before.

Now here he was again, looking at another world which contained quite a handful of unique species. Naturally, he would believe that he was in another small alternate dimension right now because of these evidences.

ho was set loose in a place filled with presents. The grades of the elixirs went as low as the fourth and the fifth, and could also go up to the ninth and the tenth. It was safe to assume that the forest produced all the elixirs that Austin needed.

An entire day had already past, and Austin found himself getting exhausted after flying around and picking so many elixirs. He was quite beat, but was extremely satisfied with his treasures.

Each elixir he found was even better than the previous one, and he had already gotten used to finding a grade seven. Moreover, he even came to a point that those grade four and five ones were not good enough compared to the higher grade ones he found towards the end.

After Austin carefully weighed in everything, only those grade nine and grade ten elixirs met his standards, therefore, they were the only ones he kept in his Space Ring.

In total, he was able to cover about tens of thousands of miles above this land at the end of the day.

As a result, ten of his Space Rings were jam-packed with elixirs. It was as if Austin couldn't help himself and hoarded everything.

On the second day, while Austin flew around, he heard a loud splashing sound of water which came from the high mountain up ahead.

And because Austin already knew what this world could offer, his curiosity was up and running again. He sped up as he stared straight ahead in the direction from which the sound came.

His excited smile slowly turned into a frown as he came nearer and nearer. Something wasn't right about that mountain, and Austin was suddenly alert.

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