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   Chapter 1129 Coming Across A Garden Of Elixir (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7423

Updated: 2019-10-27 00:03

The gray figures were hot on Austin's and the Nathan's heels. In this dangerous situation, Austin communicated with Nathan through their Soul Seas via spiritual sense, and asked him if he could still fight back.

But, when he saw that things were taking a turn for the worse, and that Nathan's condition was getting even worse, Austin decided to activate the City and immediately sent him inside to hide and recuperate.

As soon as he had transported Nathan and made sure that he was safe, he activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill!

Austin had already been running at a high speed, but once he activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill, a large amount of demonic energy suddenly burst out from his bones and flared into the air.

In a flash, his figure became blurred, as if he had entered a world of smoke and mirrors, which made it harder for the pursuing forces to track or follow him at all. He was even faster than the speed of light.

But that was not all. In the next instant, Austin just suddenly disappeared into thin air and had gone out of radar. It was just like magic.

Whoosh! With a powerful hissing sound, a figure suddenly materialized in a spot which was almost three thousand meters away from the palace, enveloped with a cloud of dust which was charged with demonic energy.

It was none other than Austin. In a blink of an eye, he was able to cover a distance large enough to throw off the pursuers from his tracks for now. At least he was able to buy some time to think and rest up a bit.

'Damn it! Those guys are insanely strong! They are like monsters that are not from this world!'

Austin exclaimed to himself after breathing a sigh of relief. Things about the fight just now still played out in his mind. He had to admit that all the people in that palace were hard nuts to crack.

He had been careful, but he was still shocked beyond belief that he and Nathan were nearly pinned down by the enemies despite the fact that they had fought side-by-side. After all, both of them were a force to reckon with! It was just upsetting and scary that their enemies were way stronger and better than the two of them!

On top of it all, the queen's strength was truly beyond Austin's e

far as his spiritual sense could reach.

After a few minutes, Austin was finally sure that no soul was about, especially not from behind him. It was nerve-wracking, but he finally gave a sigh of relief. All the tension in his chest had subsided.

He then stepped out of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and hovered in mid-air, as he put it away.

"What's the matter with this place..."Austin murmured when he finally had the chance to observe the area properly.

Floating in the air, he slowly looked at his surroundings. It was quite obvious that something was not right here. There was just something off about everything and Austin could sense it.

This world seemed quite different from any other worlds he had previously known.

It was already noon, but both the moon and the sun were clearly in the sky. That was not all, Austin could even see stars twinkling. It was just so weird. It was like night and day had met and were stuck together.

Although it was common knowledge to see both the sun and the moon at the same time, but since they were both much brighter than the stars, it would be impossible to see the three of them light up the sky together. So what lay before Austin was a bizarre but magnificent scene.

What was more mysterious and fascinating was that, he had observed that the sky was a bit dusky, which matched perfectly with the sun, the moon and the stars that gave off a soft light. Everything seemed mild but real, misty and in harmony.

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