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   Chapter 1128 The Queen

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"Yes, we're the Xian Clan from the Water City.

What's your name, sir?

And where is this place?" Robert Xian, the head of the Xian Clan, asked in a very gentle manner, as if to indicate respect.

Knowing that he was dealing with entities that were neither normal nor weak, he made sure that he acted in a humble manner to avoid offending them.

"We're actually related.

Now that you're here, I'll take you to our queen.

When you see her, you'll understand everything.

Follow me," the tall man said.

Without waiting for Robert's response, he turned around and walked towards the entrance of the valley.

"We're related to them?

Queen?" all the members of the Xian Clan murmured in unison, looking perplexed.

'Is this man a part of our clan?

And a queen? A queen in control of this area?' Robert wondered, slightly furrowing his eyebrows.

"Be quick," the man suddenly ordered in a stern tone. "The queen already knows that you're here.

If I were you, I wouldn't want to keep her waiting. The consequences of doing that isn't something any of you would be able to bear," he continued ominously.

He sounded like he was in a hurry.

The threat rattled the rest of the Xian Clan to the point that they all began inching closer to their clan head.

"What should we do?" someone whispered, evidently afraid.

"Follow them to see what is going on.

The moment we arrived, I started to feel something weird. If feels like... It feels like something inside me is waking up.

Then, when these people showed up, the feeling only became stronger,"

Robert replied.

"I feel the same."

"And so do I."

"Me too, Grandpa."

It turned out that every one of them had been feeling the same thing. They didn't understand any of it, knowing that fact, they became instantly comforted.

Soon, the tall man and the whole Xian Clan were out of the valley.

Driven by curiosity, Austin and Nathan followed the group.

While on their way, the two started to notice that many people had gone out of their dwellings and were surveying the Xian Clan members curiously as they whispered to one another.

These men and women had bizarre gray patterns on their skin, and they gave off an aura different from normal human beings.

'Who the hell are these people?'


y to withstand the blows they were about to receive.


While the four men were busy defending themselves, Austin and Nathan had already made it out of the palace.

"Stop them!"

the queen snorted, rage in her eyes.

A powerful force got out from her head and flew towards Austin and Nathan.

In a flash, this mysterious power was able to reach their targets.

'Her spiritual sense is way too strong, '

Austin thought in astonishment.

He even sensed that the queen's spiritual sense was more powerful than his.

Expecting that her attack would be more powerful than anything he had faced, Austin didn't dare let his guard down. He gathered the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea and controlled it to fend off the queen's spiritual sense attack.


Despite Austin feeling his Soul Sea shiver slightly, his soul was unscathed due to the spiritual tree that was protecting it.

But Nathan's spiritual sense was much weaker than the queen's. Having been hit by her spiritual sense attack, he moaned in pain and blood dripped out of his mouth.

But since he was a master of the Heaven Realm, his spiritual sense was fairly strong and he didn't sustain any kind of serious injury.

In the next second, Austin and Nathan were already out of the hall.

"Do not let them leave!" the queen commanded, not evidently rattled by the ineffectiveness of the attacks he had let out.

A dozen shadows then dashed towards Austin and Nathan.

With a wild chase commencing, Austin was determined not to get caught.

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