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   Chapter 1127 Strange Valley

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Only moments ago in the Xian Clan's Shrine, everyone was teleported to another place.

Outside the shrine, angry shouts could be heard.

"Damn it! After fighting so hard, it turned out that the shrine is one of the secret weapons of that race!"

Amidst a surge of evil aura, the Black Demon Imperator roared with fury.

This battle had ruined the area within a hundred miles of the Xian Clan's Shrine. The whole region was a mess now.

The ground where the shrine once stood had shattered into pieces. Dirt and ash floated in the air and made the sky look dreary. A deep, round pit appeared in front of them, which was thousands of meters deep and covered thousands of square meters of area.

The Xian Clan's Shrine had separated from the ground—it was now suspended above the huge pit.

At this moment, the once beautiful Xian Clan's Shrine had turned into a battle-scared ruin. It had been completely destroyed. The roof had collapsed, and the walls were covered in spider-web-like cracks.

All this destruction revealed how hard the battle had been.

Moreover, the tall, gray halo above the shrine was dim now. It looked like its energy had run out, and it would disappear at any time.

"It is beyond my expectation that the evil shadow race has such splendid weapon refining skills. I hadn't imagined that they were capable of building such a valuable secret weapon.

Even I was challenged by it.


Now, I will destroy it!"

The Black Demon Imperator's eyes were as cold as ice. He had fought so hard to destroy the shrine. Now that his targets had disappeared, he was enraged.

After he finished speaking, several dark demon auras poured out of his body and rushed toward the Xian Clan's Shrine.


The whole area trembled violently, and finally, the Xian Clan's Shrine exploded. In the next instant, energy from the blast rushed outward from the center and spread out like waves in succession.

The energy released turned everything around, including houses, roads, trees, and dirt, into dust.

The land had become barren for hundreds of square meters.

"Humph! I can still feel the vibration of a teleport

the members of Xian Clan had noticed the shadows before this moment.

Then, several of the translucent grey shadows gradually solidified, which startled the crowd.

They turned into human figures with eyes, ears, noses, limbs, and bodies. Finally, their true appearances were exposed.

The dozens of gray shadows turned into women and men.

Austin felt strange as he stared at the people standing in front of him.

Although they looked similar to humans in shape, the color of their skin was gray. Evil patterns had been drawn on their foreheads, necks, and other exposed body parts.

What's more, Austin could feel some evil scents being released from them.

And their eyes were not black and white like human beings, but gray and black. The gray luster in their eyes also emitted evil energy.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Austin's mind.

"Are they not human?" Austin murmured with curiosity.

However, even though they looked evil, Austin could feel that these people did not seem malicious. Curiosity had led them to investigate the arrival of Austin and his companions.

"Are you from the Xian Clan?

Have you encountered serious trouble?

Why did you come here?"

asked a tall man as he came forward. He seemed to be the leader of these people.

As soon as he spoke, Austin and the Xian Clan members were stunned.

It was surprising that this tall man knew that they were members of the Xian Clan.

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