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   Chapter 1126 Secrets In The Xian Clan's Shrine

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It was the Black Demon Imperator himself standing right outside the Xian Clan's Shrine.

Intense evil aura flowed around his body. In fact, ever since he came to the shrine, the overwhelming demonic energy had been floating around the surrounding spaces. Even the air flow in the area seemed to have stopped.

At that point, the Black Demon Imperator seemed to have become the sole ruler of all the spaces near the shrine.

"Get out!"

the Black Demon Imperator yelled.

Before he even finished speaking, the immense evil aura had already began to surge as a giant demonic hand that was gleaming with dark brilliance approached the shrine in an attempt to destroy the building and force Austin out.


With an explosion, the giant hand evaporated the moisture in the air and split the space into pieces, making many space rifts appear. Then it produced a rumbling sound as it was about to fall onto the shrine.

Meanwhile, the moment everyone inside the building heard the rumbling sound, they all felt sick with apprehension.

"Damn! The Black Demon Imperator has attacked first!"

Austin looked dreadfully pale. Even though he was already using the full physical strength of his body, he could barely stand his ground in the face of the overwhelming evil aura outside.

Being up against such a powerful demon imperator was absolutely no easy feat. In fact, if they were attacked by someone as powerful as the demon imperator, some people definitely would have given up without even putting up a fight.

Austin hurriedly cast a spell and decided to evacuate everyone inside the shrine to his City model before the shrine could collapse entirely.

Austin also decided to follow them into his City model. Brave as he was, he still knew that it would be unwise to fight against such a formidable enemy.

As of now, he could only hope that his City model was sturdy enough to resist the demon imperator's slap. Otherwise, everybody's life would be in grave danger.

But before Austin could even do anything, endless rays of gray light started emanating from the shrine. A few moments later, the rays of light turned into an eerie gray halo that closely enveloped the whole shrine

before the hand could even land on the building.

When the hand finally hit the shrine, it merely bounced off the surface of the eerie halo.

"What is this? What a strange building!" the demon imperator exclaimed.

His failed attack really took him aback. He stared intently at the halo and tried his best to figure out what went wrong.

His giant demonic hand was made entirely of his demonic energy, but for the attack, only a small amount of his demonic energy was used.

But even so, even the smallest amount of his demonic energy could normally produce earthshaking effects. Given that, he just could not understand how an ordinary shrine could resist the strike of his demonic energy. It just did not seem possible.


Another demonic hand much larger and powerful than the first one materialized. Its size was equivalent to that of a land that was dozens of acr

d and slaughtered by the demons outside the shrine sent ice-cold chills to their hearts.

The noises from the battlefield outside were so deafening that they were almost intolerable.

"Sir, the demon troops outside are frightening. What if they break the defense and come inside the shrine?"

"He's right. It's really dangerous for our people who are seeking shelter inside this shrine. We must do something!"

Some of the people from the Xian Clan were agitated about their dangerous situations.

"Don't worry. Our ancestors will bless us and protect us from the intruders," the clan leader said in an attempt to soothe their minds.

All of a sudden, the clan leader went down on his hands and knees and crawled towards the ancestral tablets. Then, he prostrated himself and started to pray in a strange tone.

To Austin's surprise, the peculiar pattern at the center of the shrine flared out rays of brilliant gray light in response to the clan leader's prayers.

Afterwards, Austin sensed that some sort of power was about to erupt from inside the shrine.

It was the space teleportation power!

At once, it enveloped all people inside the shrine.


In the next moment, everyone inside the shrine vanished into thin air.

Austin felt the sky and earth spinning around him. In that moment, he couldn't even control his own body.

Apparently, the mysterious power transferred them from the shrine to another space.

Finally, Austin felt his feet touch the solid ground.

What was this place?

Austin looked around and was shocked when he found himself in a strange place.

Before him was a beautiful, quiet valley with green trees and flowers of all colors.

At the very center of the valley stood a giant altar.

It was there at the altar that Austin stood.

Everyone from the shrine was also there, and like Austin, they were shocked at the sight of the quiet and safe valley before them. Just a moment ago, their lives had been in great danger, but now, they were safe and sound in a completely strange valley.

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