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   Chapter 1125 The Black Demon Imperator

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Austin was astonished.

His spiritual sense had become even stronger than that of an overmatch in the Heaven Realm.

However, he still couldn't make out the interior of the Xian Clan's Shrine.

For this reason, Austin was sure that it had some secrets.

"Austin, let's go inside.

I hope the Xian Clan's Shrine will be able to stand against an attack from the demon race just like my grandpa said,"

Emma said, a hint of doubt evident in her tone.

She was not too keen on the idea, but their clan did not really have much choice on the matter.

Austin followed Emma. He was eager to enter the mysterious Xian Clan's Shrine and see it with his own two eyes.

However, after taking a few steps, Austin suddenly stopped and furrowed his brows.

He found that a beam of unparalleled perception flooded in the place where he stood.

It then recognized Austin in an instant.

It was a demonic spiritual soul.

The powerful demonic spiritual soul abruptly stopped after it confirmed Austin's location.

A booming sound of terrifying laughter filled the space. "You're here.

We meet again, boy,"

the demonic spiritual soul said, addressing Austin.

'Meet again?'

Austin was startled by the sudden declaration of the demonic spiritual soul. It got him thinking that he did sense something familiar about its aura.

'This is strange.

Have I ever met its owner?' Austin speculated.

"Don't you remember me, boy?

I'm the Black Demon Imperator. You've killed many of my demon's messengers.

Today, you'll pay for it,"

the demonic spiritual soul sneered at Austin, sensing his confusion.

'The Black Demon Imperator!'

Austin took a tumble and remembered everything.

In the Triangle Zone, he killed numerous overmatches in the Tribulation Realm of the Heaven Palace.

A few of them dispersed one and the same demon face from their bodies before they died.

The demon face looked just like the Black Demon Imperator.

As for the overmatches in the Tribulation Realm of the Heaven Palace that Austin killed, they were all his demon's messengers.

Austin did not expect that t

remains as our most important responsibility, as it has been for many generations.

Don't you remember?"

the old man sternly said to Debby, his eyes shining with dignity.

Debby was astonished at the look in her grandfather's eyes, so she didn't dare to say another word about it.

"Besides, as long as we are hidden in this shrine, the demons can't do any harm to us.

You can all rest assured,"

the old man comforted Debby, his eyes returning to their usual soft gaze.

'So what is so special about the Xian Clan's Shrine?'

Austin grew curious about it with every word that he heard them say.

He was still a little bit in shock about getting sucked in.

The old man's gaze then fell upon Austin.

"You must be Austin, the young man who saved my sons.

I'm very grateful. The Xian Clan will forever be in your debt,"

the old man said with a smile.

"Please, sir. That's not a big deal. You're being too polite,"

Austin quickly replied as he gave a salute.

Meanwhile, outside the shrine, a ray of dark light flashed and a tall demon appeared.

With the demon's arrival, the outside of the Xian Clan's Shrine was shrouded in an overwhelming evil aura.

It was so dark that as if the end of times was coming.

"Ha-ha. Human boy, are you hiding in there?

Hiding won't help. Wherever you are, I can get you,"

the Black Demon Imperator threatened with wild laughter.

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