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   Chapter 1124 Xian Clan's Shrine

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9666

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"Hmm... I can sense that the human kid who had the audacity to kill my demon's messengers is close by. He is in the Water City.

I have put so much effort, time and energy in creating the demon's messengers, and yet that despicable kid mercilessly slaughtered so many of them. I find him so repulsive and disgusting!

He has piqued my curiosity and gained my attention. I would like to meet him and see how good he is at killing."

A chilling and evil voice was heard speaking from the massive demonic clouds.

"Ha-ha, another human city lies ahead of us. What a wonderful opportunity! It means more pigs for me to slaughter!"

"Nothing delights me more than seeing and tasting the blood of scared little human pigs, especially when their heads explode."

Shafts of evil aura engulfed the whole area and could be felt flowing through the suffocating air and through every crack on the ground. Those ferocious and bloodthirsty demon race's troops flew in the sky rushing towards the direction of the Water City.

Moments later, the demon race's troops arrived in the Water City in droves.

Their evil aura filled the clouds, basically blocking out the sky and covering the sun. It instantly became pitch black inside the Water City, a prelude to the calamity it was about to face.

"Go inside, and slaughter every disgusting pig that you come across!" an authoritative voice issued an order expecting it to be executed immediately.

Like a well-oiled machine, without any hesitation, thousands of soldiers from the demon race swarmed towards the Water City's gate. They were not fazed, thinking the order was just a walk in the park and it would be business as usual, another easy job.

A lot of human warriors from the Heaven Palace had joined the demon race's troops and were part of the troops invading the Water City.


An order was given, as a dark and giant palm gleaming with a shaft of demonic light, slapped on the barricade that had been erected in the Water City to deter any potential enemies.


The walls of the Water City made of solid rocks trembled and then collapsed in a heap.

The demon race fighters with hideous faces went inside the city through the newly created entry point from the broken barricade.

The Water City was only a medium-sized city in the Grand Dragon Empire, so it was relatively weak in terms of defense as compared to other neighboring cities.

The soldiers manning the erected barricade and defending the city were not too strong and were generally Sky Realm warriors with a weak cultivation base.

Apart from their lack of strength and skills, the demon race's attack was such a surprise to the humans that the warriors from the Water City were caught off guard and unprepared.

They barely had a chance to fight back and could not survive the demon race's attack.

The soldiers defending the city we

shrine and fight a losing war.

'Was there any smart weapon there that I wasn't aware of, which could be used to block the demon race's attacks?'

Austin thought in frustration. He just didn't understand that decree.

Hearing the clan leader's orders, everyone fell silent.

Despite their reluctance to stay in the city, every person from the Xian Clan still set off towards the shrine.

Obviously, the strict clan discipline and rules, as well as the clan leader's power and prestige, had convinced everyone that the clan leader had made the right decision for them.

"Master, what should we do now?"

the Sect Supremo asked Austin anxiously.

"Let's follow the orders and find out what will happen there," Austin replied lightly.

The clan leader's orders had roused Austin's curiosity.

The Water City had been surrounded by the demon race. It wouldn't make much of a big difference whether they tried to escape early or a bit later.

No matter what happened, the gnome could always use the Space Teleportation to help them leave the city.

So, Austin followed Emma and Debby and walked towards the Xian Clan's shrine.

Located at the back of the residential quarters, the shrine was a splendid and secret building in the deep forest. It looked like a temple.

It gave Austin a feeling of magnificence and fervency.

A few moments later, all members of the Xian Clan had gathered in the shrine.

So did Austin and Emma.

Austin immediately felt something different when he entered and he immediately looked up at the holy and magnificent shrine.

A very peculiar form of energy was being emitted from the shrine. It was eerie, mysterious and felt evil.

Standing outside of the shrine, Austin attempted to release his spiritual sense and probe into the internal environment of the shrine. However, he failed. The mysterious energy blocked his spiritual sense and it couldn't go further.

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