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   Chapter 1123 The Premium Stage Of Astral Realm

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Austin entered the hall, followed by a white-haired old man with wrinkled skin.

"Are you okay, Austin?" Emma and Debby inquired as they hastily made their way towards him.

They were glad and incredibly relieved to see him come back unscathed. They had been worried about his safety just for a whole day.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I have a surprise for you girls," Austin replied with a smile on his face.

He activated the teleportation power, and in a flash, three middle-aged men were transported out of the City model and were now standing beside him.

The three men were no other than Emma and Debby's father and two uncles.

The three of them looked weak and wounds covered their bodies. The wounds seemed like torture wounds.

"Dad, Uncle Ned, Uncle Liam!" Emma and Debby cried in disbelief.

The two girls and their mother were astonished and at a loss for words at first, but after a while, they came back to their senses. Eyes brimming with tears of joy, they sprinted forward to support the three men who were barely able to stand with their own legs.

The servants began to fill in other members of the Xian Clan about their return.

The three men were the core figures of the family.

It wasn't long before the rest of the Xian Clan had been informed about the news. They all rejoiced and finally loosened up.

Since Emma's father and two uncles were seriously injured, they were escorted to their rooms for treatment.

"Who is this, Austin?"

Emma asked curiously, looking at the man behind Austin.

"He's the leader of Fire Worshiping Sect. He's on my side now,"

Austin answered frankly.

"What did you just say? The leader of Fire Worshiping Sect?" Emma and Debby responded, their eyes almost popping out in disbelief.

They were too shocked to utter another word. It was quite difficult for them to believe that the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect would treat Austin in such a respectful manner, let alone be on his side.

The two girls knew that those senior members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect called Austin master, and judging by this sect leader's attitude towards Austin, they speculated that he now worked for Austin as well.

However, they did not understand why a Heaven Realm master would choose to serve Austin.

Nathan cleared his throat. He lowered his head as he humbly apologized, "Ladies, I'm sorry for what I did to your fami

have also been helpful with his bypassing the bottleneck.

Because of all those, he was coming close to a breakthrough.

Austin ordered Nathan to stand guard outside his room.

He took out a batch of divine vital energy crystals, superior vital energy crystals, and elixirs that were good for vital energy cultivation and made them float around him.

He then sat cross-legged and started his cultivation.

Half a day passed.

All the members of the Xian Clan noticed that all the spiritual energy in the area flew towards the room where Austin was.

Fifteen minutes later, Austin's chamber violently trembled.

Austin opened his eyes, and they were brightly shining.

He clenched his fists to sense the amount of vital energy inside his energy meridians.

'I made it. I'm at the premium stage of Astral Realm!' he inwardly exclaimed.

The second golden ball inside his elixir field had grown as big as a fist;

it floated next to the much bigger first golden ball.

He intended to adjust his breath to make his cultivation base more solidified.

However, while he worked on consolidating the realm, danger was approaching the Water City.

A mass of black cloud rapidly flew overhead.

It was a few thousand meters long, obscuring the sky and the mountains.

The thick cloud filled every nook and cranny that it passed with overwhelming evil aura and darkness.

Countless figures inside the cloud let out a spine-chilling laugh full of evil and cruelty, reverberating in the sky.

"My Lord, we're reaching the Water City,"

said a demon in a shrill voice.

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