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   Chapter 1122 The Servant Of The Heaven Realm

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Both the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire pressed against the Mint Wood Fire, which had become completely motionless.

Clearly, the Mint Wood Fire had yielded. It was already running out of energy, hence, it was no match for the joint forces of the two Unearthly Fires.

Austin was overjoyed by this. He released his spiritual sense to the Mint Wood Fire and

in just a matter of a few seconds, he had left his spiritual sense mark on the fire and had taken it under his control.

Austin could sense that the Mint Wood Fire had reached way past its peak and its power had been steadily decreasing.

He stored it inside his body for the moment as he was planning to study and observe it at some other time. He would need to figure out a way to restore the power of the Mint Wood Fire back to its full potential.

Austin then fixed his sights on the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect.

The leader was both shocked and furious at seeing Austin managing to subdue the Mint Wood Fire.

However, he had been seriously injured when the herbal pot exploded. He still would not be able to stop Austin even if he wanted to.

Looking at the discouraged sect leader, Austin suddenly had the idea of taking him as his servant. His own spiritual sense was now much stronger than that of the leader's, so it would be easy for him to do so.

"A servant of the Heaven Realm sounds really nice,"

Austin muttered to himself, a sly smile appearing on his face.

"You bastard! What are you up to?"

the sect leader shouted, knowing full well that Austin was up to no good with what he said.

Just as he finished talking, Austin activated his Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill.

The sect leader found a small flicker of white fire in his Soul Sea, which then quickly turned into a blazing white fireball.

All of the sect leader's spiritual sense was sucked into the fireball and was burnt into nothingness.

"What the hell is this?"

the sect leader exclaimed in terror.

Austin's spiritual sense was much more powerful than his was. He could not repel the f

his realm would be quite useful.

After a few arrangements, Austin left the headquarters of the Fire Worshiping Sect along with the sect leader.

Austin went back to the Water City shortly after.

In the sitting room of Xian's residence, Emma, Debby, and their mother were anxiously waiting for Austin's return.

He had been gone for many hours now

and the three of them were already starting to panic a bit.

"Emma, Austin's going to be fine, right?

If anything happens to him, his blood will be on our hands,"

Debby restlessly blabbered.

"Debby, you know his strength. He should be okay,"

Emma consoled her sister.

They never thought that Austin would go straight for the headquarters of the Fire Worshiping Sect after his departure from its branch in the Water City.

"Austin does have some skills, but there are many people in the Fire Worshiping Sect and many of them are incredibly powerful.

I'm afraid that he may have been outmatched by their forces.

Austin is a good person and it will be on us if anything happens to him."

Their mother remorsefully lamented.

However, at that very moment, they heard a voice just outside the sitting room.

"It looks like I got you worried.

Sorry about that,"

said the voice.

"It's Austin!

He's back!"

Emma and Debby exclaimed upon hearing the sound of his voice, jumping up on their feet.

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