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   Chapter 1121 Herbal Pot Going Off (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6639

Updated: 2019-10-26 00:13

While the members of the Fire Worshiping Sect were busy thinking about what they would do with the two kinds of Unearthly Fire that they didn't even possess, their neglected Mint Wood Fire had already circled the chamber several times as it ran from the obviously more powerful Scorching Evil Fire.

"You arrogant shits! Just you wait until my fire devours yours!" Austin roared angrily.

If all the high ranking members of the Fire Worshiping Sect attacked Austin altogether, Austin was not fully confident that he would win. So when Austin heard them flagrantly plotting their malicious plan, Austin could not help but feel a little panicked. In spite of this, Austin kept up his calm demeanor to make sure that no one would see what he was actually feeling.

After a while, Austin decided to end it all as soon as possible and immediately commanded his Dark Bone Gloomy Fire to join the fight as well.

Now, it was two against one. Soon, the Mint Wood Fire no longer had anywhere to go.

There was absolutely no way that the Mint Wood Fire could take attacks from both sides. After all, one inferior Unearthly Fire against two more superior ones naturally meant the end for the weaker one.

But the Mint Wood Fire refused to accept its defeat right away.

Instead, it did something that was beyond everyone's expectations all of a sudden.

In a seemingly suicidal attempt, the Mint Wood Fire rushed towards the array!

After a while the people watching realized that it was actually headed towards the crimson herbal pot that contained the precious materials that had been especially collected for it.

Suddenly, a loud noise resounded in the air.

Following closely behind their prey, the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire also leaped into the herbal pot without hesitation.

Now, three kinds of powerful Unearthly Fire were engaged in a hand-to-hand combat in the boiling herbal pot.

A series of noises grew louder and louder. Then, all of a su

dn't have exploded! I admit, I did intend to subdue the fire, but not like that!" Austin murmured to himself in a worried tone.

Just a moment ago, he was taunting the dying leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect. Now, he, himself, was dumbfounded by the emptiness of the chamber.

If the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire had both actually exploded, Austin's loss would far outweigh the gain.

"Maybe things are not that bad. My Unearthly Fires couldn't be that fragile!" After a while, Austin was able to calm himself down. Then, he proceeded to connect with the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire through their special spiritual bond.

A few moments later, Austin found that things were actually not as bad as he thought, and a surge of relief immediately came over him.

Apparently, he did not lose either his Scorching Evil Fire or his Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. And that wasn't even the best news.

Austin also found the Mint Wood Fire lurking somewhere. Once he found it, it emerged in front of his face at once.

"Oh, I am so lucky!" Austin said with a sigh of relief. One moment later, he found himself laughing with excitement.

Now that he knew that the three precious kinds of Unearthly Fire all remained intact after the big explosion, Austin's heart finally felt at ease.

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