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   Chapter 1120 Herbal Pot Going Off (Part One)

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Austin took a closer look at the Mint Wood Fire that was controlled by the sect leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect. The man's skillful way of attacking with fire made Austin feel utter respect for his abilities.

Austin himself had possession over two kinds of Unearthly Fires, but he shamefully lacked the ability to drive them to attack his enemies.

However, when in the heat of a battle, Austin could make use of the power of his Unearthly Fire, giving him the opportunity to seize his victory using this surprise attack every now and then.

So far, Austin mostly used his Unearthly Fire as a tool to help him refine elixirs. Was it a waste? Without question. But was there anything Austin could do about it? No.

Of course, the Unearthly Fire was an extremely rare and powerful weapon, so it was already amazing that Austin possessed it. However, it was really a shame that Austin only knew how to utilize it halfway. The skill needed to master the fire was something Austin was yet to obtain.

Austin took a look at the flame as it flooded the entire chamber -- the cyan fire stretched towards every direction, sweeping everything in its way. Meanwhile, the biggest column of fire was rushing towards Austin. Deep in his heart, Austin was sure that this rival possessed the finest Unearthly Fire controlling skills.

Though his rival was formidable, Austin did not chicken out or merely wait in despair. Instead, he sustained his perfectly calm and confident demeanor. Then suddenly, an idea came to his mind. "If you think your Unearthly Fire is unparalleled, just wait until you see mine," Austin snorted in an attempt to agitate his opponent. While he was talking, a crimson red and black fire secretly emerged from his body. The two fires suspended in mid-air as they slowly revolved around their Master, Austin, like ghosts from hell.

Scorching Evil Fire and Dark Bone Gloomy Fire! It was fire against fire now.

Before the man could even take in what had just happened, something even more unexpected happened.

The moment the Scorching Evil Fire and the Dar

subordinates by immediately agreeing with their plan. "Listen up, guys! You guys are very observant. You are right, he has two kinds of rare Unearthly Fire -- ones even rarer than our Mint Wood Fire. Now, you know what to do," he said with glee.

"Did you all hear what our mighty sect leader just said? It is time for us to move!" exclaimed one of the sect's high-level members.

All of the other high ranking members of the Fire Worshiping Sect also felt a surge of immense joy.

"Our Fire Worshiping Sect has spent tons of money and resources just to get the precious little herbs and minerals inside this herbal pot. Thank heavens we don't need to invest anymore!" said one member with a long sigh.

"Wait, let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are still some materials that have not yet melted entirely inside the herbal pot. Wise and powerful leader Nathan, what do you say we save the rest of the materials for later use? After all, they are still quite valuable.

I suggest we put the fire out and get them all out at once while they are still salvageable."

Besides a small amount of un-burnt materials, most of the precious herbs and minerals had already been rendered worthless. When they saw what had become of the herbs and minerals, many of the high ranking members of the Fire Worshiping Sect found themselves looking at the crimson red herbal pot with pity.

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