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   Chapter 1119 Heal The Unearthly Fire

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6410

Updated: 2019-10-25 16:41

After observing the Mint Wood Fire floating above the array, Austin found that its energy had been greatly damaged.

If Austin's eyes did not deceive him, then the senior leaders of the Fire Worshiping Sect should be trying to heal the Mint Wood Fire!

Austin broke into this place at possibly the most critical moment. Naturally they were startled and furious.

Miraculous as an Unearthly Fire was, it was still one of the energy forms;

it was not immortal. Only by absorbing the energy from the certain creatures could it grow stronger and more powerful.

An Unearthly Fire could also decay and eventually perish once its energy was used up.

The Mint Wood Fire in this room was very weak and was visibly starting to decay because its energy had been drained.

In the event that the members of the Fire Worshiping Sect stopped infusing their energy into it, the Mint Wood Fire would perish sooner or later.

Angus used to teach Austin relevant knowledge about the Unearthly Fires. Therefore, he quickly understood what was happening to the Mint Food Fire.

It was decaying!

The senior members of the Fire Worshipping Sect were trying to heal it by transferring their energy into it.

Austin could not help but doubt their wisdom.

Angus did not tell him that an Unearthly Fire could be healed, which was why he found the senior members' behavior to be very strange.

''Piss off before I get angry, or I will make you regret it!''

Nathan, the head of the Fire Worshiping Sect, began to seethe in anger.

He glared at Austin without hiding his killing intent. If gazes could kill people, then Austin would have already been killed countless times over.

Nathan had gathered all the inexpensive elixirs, tablets, and treasures he could lay his hands on. He would use all of them to try to rejuvenate the Mint Wood Fire using an arcane spell.

And just at the most critical moment of thei

a blue flame.

Austin felt a sting in his Soul Sea before his spiritual sense was burned into ashes and disappeared.


he exclaimed. He realized that he had underestimated the power of the Mint Wood Fire. He took a deep breath.

Austin knew he had to resort to the method that Angus taught him–conquering fire with fire!

''You jerk, wait a minute...''

''What should we do now?''

The senior leaders were all panicked by Austin's attempt to subdue the Mint Wood Fire.

For hundreds of years, they worshipped the Mint Wood Fire as the important sacred symbol of their sect.

''We must take the chance now.

We can't do anything about him, but we can drive the Mint Wood Fire to attack him.

It should work if we do it carefully, ''

Nathan said through gritted teeth.

''I agree. Since this kid is so ignorant to attempt to subdue the Mint Wood Fire, we shall make him suffer from its power.''

The other senior leaders also made their decisions.

It was the only method they could resort to.

Nathan reached out his hands and made several gestures.

The Mint Wood Fire slightly trembled and echoed with Nathan's movement.


An extensive blue flame suddenly sparked to life and dashed towards Austin like a tsunami of fire.

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