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   Chapter 1118 Mint Wood Fire

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The moment Austin arrived at the peak of the mountain, a majestic and magnificent cyan palace lay before his eyes.

The shape of the palace resembled that of a cyan flame. Its spectacular gate was closed and emitted a strong aura—as if deterring all who came near it.

A terribly hot air current that had been circling the whole palace radiated from the center of the palace.

Austin could feel the energy of the Unearthly Fire coming from the cyan palace should be different.

He walked up to the palace gate and rechecked it. He was sure that the Unearthly fire was in this palace.

So, Austin released his power of spiritual sense at once, driving the power to search inside the palace.

"Who the hell are you? Why have you come to the headquarters of the Fire Worshiping Sect? What do you want?"

Just as the power of Austin's spiritual sense reached the interior of the palace, a voice laced with anger, formed by another spiritual sense, echoed from inside the palace. As suddenly as it appeared, the spiritual sense attacked Austin's Soul Sea.

Soon after, Austin felt the great spiritual sense power crashing into his spiritual soul.

A powerful warrior at the Heaven Realm was attacking Austin!

Austin became vigilant immediately. Earlier, he had been unsure of whether he could defeat someone at the Heaven Realm. Thus, Austin had planned to sneak in and out of the Fire Worshiping Sect before being detected by this powerful person.

Now that the mighty cultivator had discovered him, Austin could feel his actual strength. He realized that the person who owned this power was indeed a formidable warrior of the Heaven Realm. The warrior's cultivation base was extremely high!

This person must be the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect!

Austin had only met a warrior of the Heaven Realm once before. That was Elder Kerr, a member of the Sky Sect. He had been the most powerful person Austin had battled and escaped from.

Austin knew that he might lose if he fought with a warrior at the Heaven Realm.

So, he had to be very careful. Austin commanded his spiritual sense to repel the power of the other spiritual sense from his Soul Sea.


How can it be?

The cultivation base of your vital energy force is at the medium stage of Astral Realm. How could your spiritual sense be so powerful?

Who the hell are you?"

The leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect

Austin was astonished as he had never before seen so many treasures!

Soon, the ten men stretched their right hands forward and placed their palms against the herbal pot, transfusing their vital energy force into the herbal pot.

In the herbal pot, a bright red fire burned the pills and elixirs.

Thick, cyan smog rose from inside the red herbal pot.

Above the array, a cyan fire that was suspended in the air constantly absorbed the cyan smog.

"Young man, get out of here!"

Seeing that Austin had walked in, the ten men sitting in the center of the palace turned to glare at him.

The leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect was the first to scream at Austin. His eyes were fiercely threatening.

Austin, however, was staring at the cyan flame above the formation.

"It... It is the Mint Wood Fire. That is the third-highest ranked fire on the Earth Fire List!"

In the Mysterious Nether World, Angus had introduced the features of all kinds of Unearthly Fires to Austin.

As soon as he recognized the flame, Austin recalled Angus's explanations. The longer he stared at the flame, the more shocked Austin became.

Finally, he was sure that the cyan flame floating above the formation was really the Mint Wood Fire!

It was ranked third on the list, right after the Scorching Evil Fire.

"Umm, the state of the Mint Wood Fire seems to be a little strange,"

Austin said. He stared at the Mint Wood Fire for a while longer and found that it seemed a little dim. The energy of the fire was not enough, and it looked weak.

'Has the Mint Wood Fire been damaged?' he wondered.

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