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   Chapter 1117 Unearthly Fire

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In the Water City, Austin headed straight for the Fire Worshiping Sect's stronghold.

When he reached, Austin saw over twenty guards on both sides of the door. They stared at Austin with hostility. Austin didn't pay attention to them. Instead, he raised his head to observe the magnificent palaces. He knew that Emma was right. The Fire Worshiping Sect was one of the most powerful sects in Water City.

"What are you doing here? No one is allowed here. Leave before you get into trouble,"

a stout guard warned when he saw Austin standing in front of the gate and watching the palace.

"I'm not causing trouble.

I'm just looking at the palace,"

Austin said. His tone was insulting, and his smile, provocative.

"You little shit! You will regret offending us!"

At that time, all the guards were annoyed with Austin's attitude.

Everyone in the Water City acted humbly and respectfully in the presence of members of the Fire Worshiping Sect. They knew that the Fire Worshiping Sect was very powerful.

"Come on! Let's teach him a lesson today!"

All of a sudden, about three guards rushed toward Austin.

These guards' cultivation base was at the Sky Realm.

Austin just smiled. He released a little vital energy force to resist their attack. "Boom! Boom!" The force Austin released threw the attacking guards away, like kites with broken strings.

"Stop! Don't come closer!"

When they saw that Austin had no intention of staying out, the other guards tried to stop him.

Unfortunately, they couldn't approach Austin. Austin's energy was so powerful that it thwarted the guards' attempt to attack him.

"Who are you? How dare you break into the stronghold of the Fire Worshiping Sect?

You will regret this!"

Everyone in the Fire Worshiping Sect's stronghold was alerted to Austin's actions. Chaos erupted in the stronghold.

More and more figures gathered together, ready to rush at Austin.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Austin used the vital energy force to throw warriors whose cultivation base was at the Sky Realm or the Imperial Realm. He was so powerful in comparison that he didn't have to lift a finger.

If he encountered warriors whose cultivation base was at the Master Realm, Austin would use a Spiritual Sense Flying Spear to attack them. At once, they would fall to the ground and roll in agony.

A short while later, all the warriors in the stronghold of the Fire Worshiping Sect surrounded Austin. Nervousness reflected in their expressions.

None of them dared to approach Austin.

Among them were three warriors whose cultivation base was at the Astral Realm, which was the highest level in this stronghold. One warrior was at the medium stage of Astral Realm,

't come in the prison.

The Fire Worshiping Sect's prison was under the ground and was divided into several halls and rooms.

In a short time, Austin found Emma and Debby's father. He knew that their father was a robust man. But now, he was thin and gaunt. It was obvious that the people of the Fire Worshiping Sect had abused him badly.

Emma and Debby's father and two other middle-aged men were confined in a room of the prison. They were also gaunt and were severely injured.

These must be Ned and Liam, Emma and Debby's uncles.

Austin took out three elixirs that could heal them and requested the men to consume the elixirs. Afterward, he transported them to his City model.

Now that he had saved these three men, Austin felt relieved.

The gnome then used the Space Teleportation to help Austin leave the underground prison.

He saved them without attracting anyone's attention this time.

It looked like the guards of the Fire Worshiping Sect were too careless. It was a good thing for Austin, though.

Once Austin got out of the prison, he planned to leave quickly.

But suddenly, a loud sound echoed through the headquarters. "Boom!"

Something was wrong at the top of the mountain.

Austin was curious and used his spiritual sense to investigate.

At that moment, Austin was dumbfounded.

There was a sense of the Unearthly Fire at the top of the mountain.

Austin had collected two kinds of Unearthly Fire previously. So, he was familiar with the Unearthly Fire.

At that time, he believed that the Unearthly Fire was at the top of the mountain.

It seemed that there were different kinds of Unearthly Fire at the Fire Worshiping Sect's headquarters.

After thinking for a while, Austin flew toward the peak of the mountain. He was curious to see whether he was right or not.

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