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   Chapter 1116 Fire Worshiping Sect

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At the sight of Emma and Debby, the two servants guarding the gates rushed toward them.

"My ladies, you've finally returned," they greeted Emma and Debby with delight.

The two servants cast a surprised look at Austin before inviting the three people inside.

The servants led the way to the lobby.

"Please wait here. I will inform the mistress about your return," one of the two servants said as he bowed and turned to leave.

He then ran out of the room with joy.

The other servant brought Austin some tea.

Emma and Debby stayed in the lobby with Austin.

After a short wait, Austin saw a woman enter the hall. Although she was about fifty years old, she was still attractive.

"Oh, Debby and Emma! My sweet babies! You are home, finally!" the woman exclaimed as she hugged the two girls tightly.

With a sigh, the woman pulled away from the girls. Then, she looked at her daughters up and down as she examined them for injuries.

Now that they were safely home in their mother's embrace, Emma and Debby stopped pretending to be tough. They started sobbing as they recalled what had happened to them.

Austin stood aside, looking embarrassed.

'This lady is their mother, ' he thought.

Finally, after several moments, the mother and her daughters calmed down.

"Mom, I forgot to introduce our friend. This is Austin Lin.

When we were in the Triangle Zone, he saved Debby and me several times. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have been able to return home."

Emma introduced Austin to her mother.

The girls had been so busy telling their mother about their adventure that they had not thought of Austin.

Upon hearing this, the lady repeatedly expressed her gratitude to Austin for helping her daughters.

Austin was not good at handling situations like this. So, he was at a loss and didn't know how to respond. As a result, his face turned red, and so did his ears.

"Oh, Mom, I got the cold ashes herb.

Dad will feel better once he takes it," Emma said to her mother.

Then she took out several cold ashes herbs to show her mother.

"Come on, let's take these to Dad.


I suppose the Fire Worshiping Sect's stronghold is in this city.

I'll find out where your father is being held," Austin said.

'Their father is severely injured. If I don't rescue him soon, he might die, ' he thought.

"What? Are you going to the Fire Worshiping Sect's stronghold now?

Mr. Lin, we best give this further thought.

The Fire Worshiping Sect is very powerful, and it's too dangerous for you to go alone. We can't afford to make any mistakes if we want to save our family members," the mother suggested.

She was taken aback by what Austin said.

Having spent her whole life in the Water City, she knew a lot about the Fire Worshiping Sect. Aware of what they were capable of, the mother was afraid of the consequences of a rash plan against the sect.

Upon hearing Austin's idea, she stopped him instantly. Not only was she fearful for her family, she worried that this kind young man might get himself killed.

"Don't worry. I'll return safe and sound," Austin responded with a reassuring smile.

Without wasting any more time, Austin activated his bodily movement skill. The next minute, he was nowhere to be seen.

"What... What should we do?

Emma, Debby, you're putting your friend's life in jeopardy,"

the woman scolded her daughters.

"Don't worry, Mom.

Austin is far stronger than you could imagine,"

Emma replied, setting her mother's mind at ease.

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