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   Chapter 1115 Water City

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Up in the sky above the Triangle Zone, a flickering light was flying fast towards the border.

When it got closer, the people on the ground could see that the light was actually the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

Inside the chariot, Austin made sure to take several divine vital energy crystals from time to time to fuel his travel.

Now that Austin was quite rich in terms of the divine vital energy crystals, consuming more than a hundred crystals no longer bothered his mind.

His first destination after leaving the Triangle Zone was the Grand Dragon Empire.

He chose that destination because Emma and Debby both came from the Grand Dragon Empire.

Those two sisters came to the Triangle Zone to find the cold ashes herb growing in the Barren Mountain in a bid to save their father.

Since the Grand Dragon Empire was located near the Triangle Zone anyway, Austin decided to take Emma and Debby home first.

After taking them home, Austin would plan for himself what his next move would be.

He had a big plan in mind for himself.

Meanwhile, something happened in the headquarters of the Heaven Palace in the Triangle Zone.

In the sky above it, a giant square passage suddenly appeared.

Countless demon race warriors stood there nervously, unable to say a word, as intense evil aura floated and flowed all around them.

Meanwhile, they were staring at the giant transfer passage with great excitement.

To everyone's shock, extremely violent tornadoes made of intense evil aura suddenly started to erupt from the giant passage in the sky.

At that moment, it was dreadfully dark in the headquarters of the Heaven Palace. It was as if the doomsday was about to come any time soon.


Then, footsteps with eerie rhythms started to echo from the transfer passage.

With every passing moment, the rumble of footsteps became peculiarly louder and louder.

The sound echoed all throughout the square.

All of the warriors both from the demon race and the human race in the headquarters could vividly hear the eerie footsteps coming from the passage.

"The Heaven-defying Demon Emperor and the Curse Demon Emperor have finally come to the Prime Martial World."

"It was said that ten demon imperators would also come with them."

The warriors of the demon race couldn't help but whisper among themselves.

Then, a dozen h

t be such a big inconvenience for you two and your father," Austin said, embarrassed.

Both Emma and Debby were delighted at Austin's response. At once, they led the way and flew towards the Water City in the northeast direction.

About half a day later, they saw a medium-sized city on the horizon.

"We're finally home!"

both Debby and Emma exclaimed.

Austin could feel the excitement radiating from the two sisters. Thus, he found himself smiling back at them.

In no time, the three of them entered the Water City with the two sisters leading the way.

Inside the city, the streets were crowded with passengers.

The Grand Dragon Empire was located in the border of the Triangle Zone.

The Triangle Zone had already been conquered by the demon race troops, and was now being controlled by them.

However, the people in the Grand Dragon Empire seemed to be barely affected. It seemed as if they did not care about who their conquerors were at all.

Austin looked at the common people in the city and sighed with worry.

When the demon race started the war, Austin wondered how many of those common people would survive, where they would find a place to live, and how they would live safely.

Austin, Emma, and Debby weaved through the streets, completely unnoticed by the common passengers.

Soon, they arrived at the northern part of the city and found themselves looking at a grand door.

Austin was amazed at the splendid and grand buildings. He immediately deduced from them that Debby and Emma's family was either very rich or very powerful.

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