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   Chapter 1114 Leaving The Triangle Zone

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Austin's face broke into a look of satisfaction as he felt the surge of demonic energy within his bones.

"The amount of demonic energy I have within my body right now has increased by more than ten times since I absorbed all the demonic energy from the demon king,"

Austin muttered to himself as he slightly churned the demonic energy inside of him.

Then, he immediately released his spiritual sense and tried to understand the situation prevailing in the whole headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Nine of the ten Mass Demons Arrays those demons formed had been already destroyed brutally, leaving the last one standing all alone.

On top of that, about ninety percent of the demon race and the people from the Heaven Palace had been killed or injured.

However, as one eye of the array at one of the eighteen peaks had been destroyed, the Eighteen Arhats Array was affected and broken as the consequence.

The eighteen huge white soldiers on the eighteen peaks were vanquished too.

In short, the ancient array had been destroyed completely because of the conflict.

Looking at the whole destroyed headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect in a mess, Austin felt a little lost and broken.

"Then the last Mass Demons Array!"

Austin looked at the last Mass Demons Array with a flash of anger in his eyes.

There were more than three hundred demons and over two hundred human cultivators who were from the Heaven Palace within the last Mass Demons Array.

Among all of them, the strongest were the two demon lords and three human cultivators at the Tribulation Realm.

"Look, the array of the Heaven Pavilion Sect seems like it has been broken by His Majesty!" a demon cried out in surprise.

"Amazing! All the eighteen terrible white soldiers are gone or dead, and the array has stopped attacking."

"Ha-ha, His Majesty is powerful indeed! He broke this formidable array all by himself and his immeasurable power," another demon tried to flatter Robin, the said demon king.

At that same moment, the demons and the cultivators from the Heaven Palace in the last Mass Demons Array realized that the array in the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect was damaged and could not function in any way anymore.

They shouted with excitement.

Thrilled, those demons stopped moving.

They all stood there, observing the eighteen peaks, and talking excitedly to each other about their victory.


en a stronger demon imperator came next time to attack the Heaven Pavilion Sect?

This fact proved that relying on the Eighteen Arhats Array against the demon race was not feasible.

Austin began to look for a solution.

Moments later, he gritted his teeth and made a decision—to leave the Triangle Zone.

He then told the Sect Supremo about the plan. The Sect Supremo of course agreed with his wishes and quickly relayed the order to the disciples of the Heaven Pavilion Sect for them to follow.

Austin sent out all the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect who had been sent to his City model and told them to pack their things and prepare to leave.

Barker now came out of a daze.

To help him recover quickly, Austin dripped a drop of Magic Sea Water into his mouth.

The Magic Sea Water soon worked its magic, healing Barker's wounds effectively and bringing him back to his senses.

About half a day later, everyone had packed their things and was ready to leave their homes.

Austin teleported them into the City model he carried.

Now the whole Triangle Zone was being controlled by the demon race and the Heaven Palace.

A large group of people traveling together was bound to cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and threat to the surroundings.

Subsequently, Austin stood on one of the peaks overlooking the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

After lingering for a moment, he took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and then stepped into it to make the journey.


The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot turned into a flash of light and disappeared from the spot in an instant.

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