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   Chapter 1113 Absorb The Demon King

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"You have the spiritual soul of a human but you also possess the aura of Tybalt the demon imperator. I need to investigate more on this."

The demon king laughed for a moment as he turned into a black light that came straight for Austin's Soul Sea.


Austin felt the black light scurrying towards his Soul Sea.

That black light then became the demon king once again the moment it entered.


'W-what is this?'

The second the demon king was inside Austin's Soul Sea, he was immediately attracted by that spiritual tree.

"This... Could this be...... the legendary spiritual tree?!

Oh my... this is indeed the spiritual tree! The precious tree I only heard about from legends!

How could a low-life like yourself got hands on this spiritual tree!"

Within seconds, the demon king was able to recognize that the tree inside Austin's Soul Sea was indeed the spiritual tree.

His breaths grew heavier as his eyes started to look fearsomely veracious.

"Nice! Truly wonderful!

I have to admit that you keep bringing me a lot of surprises.

Ha-ha, I think I'm beginning to accept that a low-life like you could actually be my lucky star!

Not only did you bring me the skeleton of Tybalt the demon imperator, you also brought me the precious spiritual tree! I couldn't have asked for more!"

The demon king was completely overjoyed.

Earlier, Austin was still on his kill list but now he was starting to consider him as his lucky star.

The demon king almost wanted to kiss Austin out of joy.

Both the remains of Tybalt the demon imperator and the spiritual tree were of great value to him.

The demon king began to picture himself achieving breakthrough and becoming a demon imperator once he improved his power with Austin's blessings.

"Screw you! You want the skeleton of the demon imperator and the spiritual tree? Over my dead body!"

Austin naturally would not let the demon get what he wanted without a fight.

With his spiritual sense force, waves began to push from the lake as big as twenty acres and were headed towards the demon king

while at the same time, twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears and a spiritual demon also appeared in his Soul Sea ready to engage the demon king.


Leaves from the spiritual tree fell down as they flew in circles with their sharp edges surroundi


Under the control of Austin's spiritual sense, the spiritual demon launched itself onto the demon king and began to smother him with punches

as twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spear bombarded him as soon as they could.

Leaves from the spiritual tree also continued to cut through the body of the demon king.

The demon king was now being tormented in the Soul Sea of Austin.


This isn't possible!

I am a demon king. There is no way I could die at the hands of a human!"

Finally, the demon king was completely absorbed by Austin as dozens of leaves attacked simultaneously between his curses.

The demonic spiritual soul of the demon king was transformed into energy for the spiritual sense of Austin's once he was refined.

Austin could feel that his spiritual sense was once again greatly enhanced.

The area of the lake in his spiritual sense was now 30 acres wide

and the spiritual tree was over a meter tall.


Austin took a deep breath of relief.

After refining and absorbing the demonic spiritual soul of the demon king, Austin checked everything in his Soul Sea before he left.


Is this?!"

Suddenly Austin discovered that the demonic energy within his body had also grown many times stronger!

It turned out that the demon king activated the Demon Blood Dissolving before entering Austin's body

and now that the demonic spiritual soul had been refined and absorbed, all of his demonic energy was left inside Austin's body.

To Austin's surprise, his demonic energy had increased significantly.

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