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   Chapter 1112 Good Luck

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9000

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Austin used his bodily movement skill, the Demonic Teleportation Skill, once again to get in front of the demon king.

"Ha ha! You're probably almost out of demonic energy, aren't you?

You think you can defeat me just because you learned some of the demonic skills from our demon race, don't you?

You really are an idiot!"

Obviously, the demon king could tell that Austin's demonic energy was almost depleted.

"Go to hell!"

While laughing out loud, the demon king started attacking the array eye. A thick column of evil aura burst out of him and caused an explosion in its direction.

Austin stretched out one of his fingers. A giant finger shadow suddenly appeared in front of the evil aura to block its way.

At the same time, Austin wielded his Slaughtering Sword and gave off several blood-colored sword auras to counterattack the evil aura.


At the same time Austin controlled the golden light ball in his elixir field with his mind. The golden light ball burst out of his body and exploded in the direction of the evil aura with immense force.


The thunder unicorn also jumped out of his elixir field. Its mouth opened to shoot a thick thunder radiance towards the direction of the demon king's evil aura.


How could a despicable man like you have so many different ways to attack?"

The demon king could not help but exclaim in great surprise.

By that time, Austin had already used too many fighting methods that the demon king couldn't comprehend.

All his offensive skills were mesmerizing: the Timing Finger, the blood-colored sword aura, the golden light ball of the Golden Sun Scripture and the thunder unicorn. All these skills were truly impressive.

In the end, once Austin used all of his attacking skills, things began to change.


The evil aura that was attacking the eye of the array was successfully forced away.

After the deafening sound, it vanished and turned into nothing.

"Let's see how many times you can withstand my attacks!"

the demon king shouted in anger. He was annoyed to the highest extent.

Once again, the demonic energy burst out of his body as a great amount of evil aura flew towards the eye of the array without any hesitation or consideration of the consequences.

Austin had to go and defend with what he could still use to prevent the demon king from destroying the eye of the array.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Austin was fighting the demon king, Fanny's grandfather was able to successfully destroy three Mass Demons Arrays by controlling the Eighteen Arhats Array.

By then, eight of the Mass Demons Arrays had already been damaged while only two remained.

'It's true that you have absorbed the bones of Tybalt the Great, the demon imperator.

But your soul is still mainly the spiritual soul of a human being even if you have the aura of the demon imperator.

Tybalt the Great must have been killed by you!

I'm not sure if I will be able to believe that! Tybalt the Great was very powerful! But he was killed by you, a puny human cultivator!

Hump! I guess you, the cunning human cultivator could have used some unfair ways to defeat Tybalt the Great!' the demon king said in his mind.

By that time, the demon king had already entered Austin's body and was inspecting him carefully.

After a short while, he began to assume that Tybalt, the demon imperator, had really been killed by Austin.

"Ha ha ha! Although I feel sad that Tybalt the Great has been killed and is now dead, I can still turn this into a very fortunate situation!

I am very lucky to have such a great opportunity!

Tybalt the Great had immense demon force when he was still alive. His bones have been enhanced carefully for thousands of years. This demon skeleton is the result of Tybalt the Great's life-long hard work.

Unexpectedly, I now have this precious chance right in front of me.

I can now absorb the demon skeleton of Tybalt the Great himself.

I believe that with this, I would be able to break through to the realm of a demon imperator in no time.

Ha ha ha! I have already been stuck at my current realm for a few thousand years now.

I never expected my chance to break through would come to me today in such a manner! It is really nothing but a pleasant surprise!"

All of a sudden, the demon king burst out in laughter as he dwelled inside Austin's body. Hearing the laughter, Austin could tell that the demon king was overjoyed.

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