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   Chapter 1111 How Dare You Wound Me! (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-25 00:03

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While all of this was happening, Fanny's grandfather didn't stop, even for a second, operating the Eighteen Arhats Array.

He kept attacking the Mass Demons Arrays with all of his power. By now, he had destroyed five of the ten Mass Demons Arrays placed by the demon race. He was finally half-way through.

But the battle took its toll. Altogether, over two thousands of both the warriors from the Heaven Palace and their enemies from the demon race had died so far, and the number was still rising.

The demon king's face turned even sourer as he saw the situation. He felt utterly humiliated by how things were going. To think that he, a demon king, was having a hard time against some insignificant insects was just shameful.

Before they came, he was fully prepared for this battle. He had specially prepared up to ten Mass Demons Arrays to crash any arrays the Heaven Pavilion Sect might have.

He had confidently thought that they could beat the Heaven Pavilion Sect hands down as it was just a small sect of weak human beings. He actually predicted that they would be able to wrap this up in just an hour.

But now, it seemed that the odds were against the demon race, which was totally beyond his expectation.

"I will deal with you after I have destroyed this repulsive array of the Heaven Pavilion Sect once and for all!"

the demon king said after hesitating for a while. He wanted to kill Austin right away, but he realized that ruining the array of the Heaven Pavilion Sect was a more urgent matter. It was something that must be done first if he still wanted to win the battle. So he transformed into a beam of light, and headed for the other side of the mountain at lightning speed, where the eye of the Heaven Pavilion Sect's array was set.

Austin was surprised with the turn of events. He was not aware that the demon king had already unleashed his demonic spirit soul long ago, and had already located the eye of the array.

The fact that there were more than ten disciples of the H

fingers towards the direction of the array.

A beam of thick, and seemingly sticky black light suddenly burst out from his finger tip.

It headed straight for the disciples of the Heaven Pavilion Sect who were guarding the eye.


The explosion created by the black light upon impact was so strong and loud that it shook the very mountain area. It was even stronger than a hundred bombs exploding all together. And being only at the Master Realm, there was no way that the guarding disciples could resist something as powerful as that. It was just insanely strong.

As the sound and debris slowly settled down, the bodies of the men from the Heaven Pavilion Sect which were torn into pieces covered the area. They all died instantly upon impact of the black light.

Now there was nothing standing in the way between the demon king and the array's eye. He immediately sped towards it without even looking back.

It was now or never for Austin to take action. As he bit his lip, he brought out every last bit of the demonic energy inside him, and tried to use the Demonic Teleportation Skill for the last time.

But sadly, having activated the skill for nearly six times in a row, he discovered that there might not be enough demonic energy in him to use the skill again, even if he gathered all of it from his bones, blood and muscles!

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