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   Chapter 1110 How Dare You Wound Me! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7370

Updated: 2019-10-24 03:36

"Go to hell, you filthy human!"

the demon king swore angrily during the fierce fight, his eyes murderous. Once again, he activated the Blood-sacking Demonic Fist and went straight for Barker.

This time around, his black fist was even larger and more powerful. Before it could even come close to Barker's nose, it reeked of death from a mile away and its murderous intent had filled the air.

"Look out!"

Austin warned Barker. He was quite stunned when he saw just how large the fist was, and couldn't help but yell out a warning to Barker. After all, he knew very well how tricky and deadly the Blood-sacking Demonic Fist could be. One wrong move and a person might experience blood disorder if attacked by it.

At the same time, Austin pulled out his Slaughtering Sword. Without second thoughts, he unleashed four to five bloody red sword auras and countered the demon king's fist.


Barker bellowed. As he shouted, he launched barrage fist attacks which weighed millions and millions of pounds. When the demon king came closer, Barker showered him with multiple fist attacks like crazy. It was as if it was raining with fists.

But amidst the pour of Barker's punches, a harsh tearing sound echoed in the area.

Before Barker's punch could even touch the demon king's fist and break his attack, blood vessels all over the warrior's body burst one by one, his blood spurting out like floods all at once. It looked like a shower of red rain suddenly erupted from Barker's body.

"Ha ha ha! Surprise! I forgot to mention that this Blood-sacking Demonic Fist is meant to kill human warriors like you, you fool!

You guys would usually focus on cultivating your body strength and increasing the vital energy in your blood in order to lash out more powerful attacks. But my Blood-sacking Demonic Fist specializes in suppressing and sealing in your vital energy!"

the demon king declared proudly, and suddenly burst into a wild sadistic laughter.


As soon as the demon king had finished speaking, his fist slammed at Barker heavily. Barker was nearly five meters tall, but his mountain-like body was flung up into the air like a sack of potatoes, while his blood gushed

could. He didn't even dare to look back, running as far as his legs could take him towards a safe distance.

"Bravo!" the demon king said through gnashed teeth. "I never thought that you would actually be capable of hurting me. I'm actually quite impressed. You are but a weak and insignificant insect, but also the most annoying one I have ever encountered!" There was a wrathful spark in the demon lord's eyes. He was seething with rage now.

"Besides, how come you can use one of our demonic skills? You are just a human. Ah...let me guess, is it all because you have the Tybalt the Great's bones in your body, am I right? It had helped you steal our demon race's unique skills, am I right?"

the demon king spat out the last few words. With all the Demonic Energy Needles shattered in his body, he was now regaining his composure. A scary glint was in his eyes. He was like a raging bull, ready to attack at any moment.

To be honest, although the Demonic Energy Needles were painful, it couldn't really do much harm to him since he was rather powerful. At the most, he had just lost some of his demonic energy. But only a tiny bit of it.

The problem was, his hatred for Austin had boiled a hundred times over because of his crazy attack. Using the demon race's skill to hurt him, a demon king, was really an insult for the likes of him. The fact that he dared to use their very own skill and hurt him so much making him want to tear apart Austin's body.

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