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   Chapter 1109 Fight Against The Demon King

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As soon as Austin landed in front of the demon king, he released his demonic spiritual soul to scan Austin's body.

"What are you? A human or a demon? Why is there a skeleton of a demon imperator in your body? !"

After having quickly scanned Austin's body several times with his demonic spiritual soul, the demon king looked shocked.

The scans had definitely shown the demon king that there was a skeleton of a demon imperator in Austin's body.

"This is so strange. Why do I feel like the skeleton is familiar to me?

It can't be! You have the skeleton of Tybalt the Great inside you. That is why it feels familiar.

What the hell is going on? Why is Tybalt the Great's skeleton contained in your body?

Tell me!"

the demon king yelled at Austin. His expression turned grim. Having identified the skeleton inside Austin, he was aware of the seriousness of the situation.

"Oh?" Austin was stunned.

It seemed that the demon king had noticed the skeleton of Tybalt the Great inside Austin.

Now that he couldn't hide the skeleton's existence from the demon king, Austin intended to pretend to be Tybalt the Great. He knew that if he were successful, he could buy more time.

"Well... Since you know my identity, how dare you show no respect to me?"

Austin kept a straight expression as he folded his hands behind his back. He coldly glared at the demon king as he waited for a reply.

"You... You are Tybalt the Great?"

The demon king was startled. He stared at Austin in amazement, as if he didn't believe what he was told.

"Yes. As you can see, I snatched this human's body.

Can't you sense my aura? Is it not unique enough for you to recognize me?"

Austin continued to impersonate Tybalt the Great.

"No. You are not Tybalt the Great!"

A sudden thought struck the demon king.

Austin became a little nervous because it was likely that the demon king had seen through his pretense.

"I don't deny that you have the aura of Tybalt the Great.

However, your temperament is quite different from his.

As I was one of his henchmen, I knew him very well.

Human warriors disgusted Tybalt the Great. Wherever he went, he slaughtered them all.

No human warriors were allowed to appear before him.

So, you can't be Tybalt the Great!

Tell me the truth. Why is Tybalt the Great's skeleton contained

their opponent, Austin generated beams of blood sword aura from his Slaughtering Sword and targeted the demon king.

Austin also secretly released the Demonic Energy Needle Attack, which was one of the demonic skills that he knew.

Three to four hundred invisible demonic needles floated in the air, and then entered the demon king's body, undetected.

"Ha-ha. You three are overconfident. With your weak power, there is no way you can stop me."

The demon king laughed wildly even though he was being attacked by Austin, Barker, and the Sect Supremo.

With an astonishing outburst of demonic energy, the demon king withstood their assaults. His eyes were full of disdain.

Then, he released different kinds of demonic skills, which pushed Austin, Barker and the Sect Supremo over the edge.

Austin and his companions found that the demon king had put them at a disadvantage in the battle. Even though they had released their strongest, most powerful attacks, the demon king prevailed.

"Master, please hurry. Destroy the Mass Demons Arrays!"

Austin communicated to Fanny's grandpa through his spiritual sense.

Immediately after, Austin heard a loud crash.


Fanny's grandpa launched attacks on the Mass Demons Arrays using the Eighteen Arhats Array.

Due to the concentrated attacks, a moment later, two Mass Demon Arrays were destroyed.

The demons and the human warriors from the Heaven Palace that were hiding in them exploded into clouds of blood fog.

So far, the death toll had reached seven to eight hundred.

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