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   Chapter 1108 The Array Combat (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-24 03:34

Then, continuous sounds of explosions followed.

Nearly half the demon race members in the Mass Demons Array had exploded into clouds of blood fog under the onslaught of such a mighty force.

The majority of the Heaven Palace warriors hiding in the array died or were badly hurt. It was really a brutal scene to behold.

Watching the defeat of their enemies, everyone from Heaven Pavilion Sect on the eighteen peaks could not help but applaud and cheer aloud.

"Damn it!

Run to the top at full speed!"

The demon king's face darkened when he witnessed such a terrible defeat. Like a ray of black lightning, he dashed toward the top, leaving the remaining nine Mass Demons Arrays far behind him. He now had another plan in his mind.

Since the ten Mass Demons Arrays were slow in advancing, the demon king had to slow down to stay with them and command their movements. As a result, his speed was dramatically influenced.

Enraged by the casualties of his underlings in the array, the demon king decided to give up his original plan and reach the top of the peak alone as quickly as possible. He wanted to find the eye of the array and break it on his own before losing more of his underlings.

"Target the demon king!

He is searching for the eye of the array. He wants to break it!"

Austin used his spiritual sense to communicate his order to Fanny's grandpa.

"Yes, I thought about doing that, too!" replied Fanny's grandpa, as he activated the array once again.

The eighteen gigantic white spears turned and headed for the demon king as soon as Fanny's grandpa finished speaking.

They reached their target in a twinkling.

The demon king was frightened at this sudden change. Though he had a strong demonic force, he didn't da

him and the demon king. He was in the demon king's way now.

The Demonic Teleportation Skill was particularly useful for short distances of several thousand meters. With such a skill, anyone was able to reach their destination in a flash. Such a skill would really come in handy especially in a fierce fight like this.

"Let me help you, Austin!"

Barker shouted before transforming into a sturdy giant that was four or five meters in height. He was so strong that every single muscle in his body protruded unbelievably.

The giant jumped and crossed a couple thousand meters with each leap.

"I'll help you, master!"

The Sect Supremo leaned forward and leaped into the air after Barker.

"All right. All of you can join the fight. That way, I can kill every one of you in one fight, you lowly insects!"

The demon king stared at Austin, who was standing in front of him, with eyes burning with his intense killing intention. Violent evil aura rolled fiercely around him.

Austin stood in front of the demon king, face to face, for the first time in his life. He inhaled deeply and concentrated, mentally preparing himself for the tough battle to come.

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