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   Chapter 1107 The Array Combat (Part One)

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The unexpected Mass Demons Array had caught everyone from the Heaven Pavilion Sect off guard. Still, they had no choice but to fight their enemies head-on. Fanny's grandpa immediately initiated the Eighteen Arhats Array, just as Austin had ordered.

Waves of ivory-white fog were generated in the sky above the emerald green eighteen peaks. They rumbled and rolled before condensing into eighteen soldiers in ancient fighting armor. As each of the soldiers was several thousand meters in height, they dwarfed the precipitous peaks beneath them.

Each held a spear, several hundred meters long, in its hand. In unison, the soldiers raised their arms and threw their spears at their target.

The first round of the battle started when the eighteen gigantic long spears were launched. The spears flew across the sky like eighteen ivory-white lightning flashes—their dazzling flames kindling the whole sky. They were aimed at the ten Mass Demons Arrays deployed by the demon race.

A thundering noise was heard in response to the spear attack.

The sound came from the direction of the ten Mass Demons Arrays. Then, ten demonic orbs of glaring black light gradually rose from the demon arrays.

The ten black demonic orbs were made of pure demonic energy. They surged into the sky and levitated there to block the eighteen gigantic spears of ivory-white light. The confronting force between them stopped both sides from advancing any further.

Each Mass Demons Array trembled dramatically as if all the demonic members in it were struggling under a massive mountain. They took in long breaths but felt as though it were hard to breathe out. Some demonic members started to vomit mouthful blood of different colors.

The pressure was so much that some demonic members were injured. Still, no one moved even an inch. They held on as the demonic energy orbs were confronting the gigantic spiritual spears.

nodded in agreement.

Without delay, he used his spiritual sense to inform Fanny's grandpa of this tactic change

Then, the next round of attacks began.

As per Austin's order, Fanny's grandpa launched the second attack from the Eighteen Arhats Array.

The demonic arrays, led by the demon king, had already ascended one of the peaks of the mountain.

The air stirred dramatically as something darted in the sky.

Eighteen gigantic spears of ivory-white light broke the space and dashed toward their targets at full speed.

Unlike the first attack, all the spears were targeted at one Mass Demons Array this time.

Several piercing noises followed the flashes of white lightning in the sky.

The targeted Mass Demon Array was hit squarely in its middle. It blew up, and the orb of demonic energy shimmering with black light began to shake and dim.

A crack appeared on the demonic orb of black light. It widened, and several other cracks appeared. The cracks broadened so much that it seemed as though the orb had broken.


The demonic orb of black light hovering over the Mass Demons Array sustained itself for a couple of seconds before shattering. Millions of spots of black light scattered across the sky before they disappeared from view.

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