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   Chapter 1106 Mass Demons Array

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Several thousand figures rushed towards the gates of the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect at one single order.

To destroy the Heaven Pavilion Sect, the demon race and the Heaven Palace had sent innumerable cultivators and demons.

The leaders of the demon race and the Heaven Palace didn't dare to look down upon the Heaven Pavilion Sect due to some rumors about it.

Word on the street was that Heaven Pavilion Sect was the only force which could fight against the demon race and the Heaven Palace in the whole of the Triangle Zone.

It had even snatched Black Wind Gang's place away and become the second biggest organization.

The Heaven Palace had sent their men to attack the Heaven Pavilion Sect more than once, but each time they ended up losing all the people on the mission to eliminate the concerned sect.

Besides, the army of the demon race and the Heaven Palace which had been sent to take the Glint City had had been wiped out without a trace, but no one even had the slightest idea about who did this.

Since the Glint City was near the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the troops of the Heaven Palace and demons had gathered there to destroy the Heaven Pavilion Sect, the leaders of the demon race and the Heaven Palace suspected that the Heaven Pavilion Sect was the one to blame.

So both the demon race and the Heaven Palace had decided to wipe out the Heaven Pavilion Sect. That was the sole reason why they had even sent a demon king to lead the team for the upcoming destruction.

Shouting and yelling, the group under the demon king's command charged madly towards the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

The Heaven Pavilion Sect's fortress occupied a huge and boundless area.

There were eighteen mountains and the center of the headquarters was a broad flat open area. A great many grand palaces, and plants and flowers could be seen everywhere. The spiritual energy oozed from the whole place.

When the rowdy band broke into the headquarters, they were surprised by the scene that unfolded in front of them.

There was no sign of life anywhere. No people came into view. It looked like an abandoned place.

After a while, they recovered from their astonishment.

They unleashed their demonic spiritual soul or spiritual senses to scan the magical place.

They discovered their enemies' whereabouts without any difficulty at

n constantly changed their positions without spoiling the array.

Each array emitted a bright light that could almost blind anybody around.

Half of the white fog which enveloped the headquarters of Heaven Pavilion Sect disappeared slowly because of the dazzling light.

The demon king and his crew could now see things better than before.

The human cultivators of Heaven Palace hid among the ten arrays that the demons had created.

The demon king laughed out loud as he found that his arrays worked just as he wanted them to.

"What a surprise! Someone in this small sect knows how to make an array which has been in practice since the ancient times.

Unfortunately they will now have to face me. Even though they got an old, powerful array to protect them, we will still destroy this sect today with ease," the demon king declared triumphantly.

"You must retain this formation and go to take the mountain near us.

As long as we destroy the eye of this old array, nothing will be able to save them.

That way, we can slay these people of the Heaven Pavilion Sect as we like with just a snap of our finger," the demon king ordered victoriously.

He took the lead and flew towards one of the mountains.

"Attack them, now," Austin ordered Fanny's grandfather through his spiritual sense.

He looked worried and angry.

'Looks like these demons are well prepared to defend themselves. Will the Eighteen Arhats Array be able to handle their Mass Demons Array without difficulty?

This is going to be a tough fight, I suppose, ' he thought, clenching his fists in determination.

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