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   Chapter 1105 Kill Them All

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7115

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''Who the hell is this guy? How could he master the demonic skills?

Could he also be one of us?''

Squinting at the place where Austin disappeared, the demon king was perplexed.

''How could he master the demonic skills?''

The other demons too were astounded.

''The sword he just used must have been an archaic weapon.

In the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, there are very few archaic weapons. But I have never heard of an archaic sword among them.

If this guy is Austin, then maybe we can guess the source of his powers," a warrior from Heaven Palace murmured.

''I don't get it, even if it's Austin.

From what I've heard about him, he has quite a weak cultivation base.

I noticed that the guy was only able to release a little power of the archaic sword.

That means he is barely able to control the archaic weapon, ''

they secretly discussed among themselves.


A meteoric gleam flashed by.

But Austin was already several miles away from the army, heading to

the Heaven Pavilion Sect instead, where he was greeted by the Sect Supremo at the gate.

''Is everything okay, master?''

the Sect Supremo asked Austin. He was very concerned with Austin's safety.

''I'm okay. Get all our warriors prepare for the war, ''

Austin replied.

''Yes, master!''

The Sect Supremo immediately put his soldiers on alert.

Elsewhere, the demon king was still looking for Austin, fuming and threatening.

When Austin finally appeared at the gate of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, the demon king immediately nailed the location.

''He's from the Heaven Pavilion Sect!

No wonder he dared to raid my army.''

The demon king's face turned murderous with rage.


The Heaven Pavilion Sect is right next door. Kill all of them this time round!''

He gave orders and waved to his soldiers to signal the start of war. Then without wasting time, he led the way to the Heaven Pavilion Sect, hurtling through the sky like a meteor.

Behind him, an endless slew of demons followed his lead, ready to attack

About several seconds later, there was an unusual flas

s guy? Is he a man or some other ghoulish creature?'

The demon king was baffled beyond words. But when he thought about how many of his soldiers Austin had killed, rage and vengeance got the better of him.

'It does not really matter. He already inflicted pain and needless losses on my army.

I'll kill him if I ever meet him again.

Even if he is a demon, his treacherous actions are intolerable.'

Remembering his fallen soldiers, an insidious murderous intent crept on his face.

Whatever the cost, those four hundred plus slain soldiers would be avenged. And he was not going to wait for someone else to do it.

By now, his remaining soldiers together with their allies had arrived. Without waiting for his command, they took positions around the Heaven Pavilion Sect, besieging the place completely, ready to attack.

The demon king then cast his eyes onto the plaque of the Heaven Pavilion Sect above the mountain gate. An elegant piece with elaborate typography, as if aesthetics was the mainstay of the place.

For a moment, he clenched his right fist so hard that the knuckles turned white. Then in a fit of rage, he unfolded the hand, releasing sparks to shoot at the plaque.

With rumbling thunderbolts, he destroyed the mountain gate and the plaque.

Fire, smoke and dust filled the place in an instant.

''Kill them all!''

he commanded, to which his soldiers swung into action.

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