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   Chapter 1104 The Demon King

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And in the next minute, everything began to change.

All the clothes that the demon race and the human cultivators had been wearing were torn apart by the sonic energy leaving everyone naked which was a terrible sight to see.

Blood then slowly ran down from their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses.

All of a sudden, the blood flowed faster and faster.

Boom! Before anyone even had the chance to react, they were all blown out by the shockwave. All the human cultivators who had only reached the Master Realm as well as the demon soldiers were shattered to pieces by the sound waves. The only thing left in the air was their blood.

As for those human cultivators who had reached the Astral Realm and the demon generals, it wasn't easy to deal with the shock as well. They all suffered severe injuries due to the powerful vibrations and everyone was drenched in blood.

It was believed that the number of cultivators and demon race who were killed or injured by Austin's Roaring Blast was more than a hundred.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Hey, you guys! What the hell is happening? "

Immediately, people from the frontlines had noticed the commotion coming from the back.

They all turned around to loudly inquire about the situation.

The commotion had drawn all the demons' and human cultivators' attention.

"We have an enemy!"

"Oh, no! We think someone attacked us from behind!"

"Who could it be?"

All the death and destruction at the backlines finally made the others more alert. Everyone hurriedly checked their surroundings in an attempt to find the intruder.

Until they finally rested their eyes on Austin.

However, after letting out the Roaring Blast, Austin had no plans of stopping any time soon.

He slightly touched the Space Ring with a finger and in an instant, a huge bronze bell appeared in his hands. Demonic sounds constantly rang out of it and deafened everyone's ears.

It must be the Soul-attacking Magic Bell.

All of a sudden, Austin began hitting the huge bell and kept doing it over and over.

The bell was constantly clanging in his hands.

His enemies couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the sonic waves spread throughout the air. They were like ripples in the lake that were only getting faster and faster.

Once the sound waves reached their ears, it immediately turned into a torture for them. All the demons and human cultivators felt that their ears ringing and their heads spinning endlessly. It was like the whole world was trembling and the earth was about to explode any second.

In fact, the sound of the Soul-attacking Magic Bell alone could directly inflict damage to one's Soul Sea and attack their spiritual soul.

"Oh my god!"

All the demon race and human practitione

ed a beat the moment he felt the power of the spear from afar.

It was obvious that the demon king's strength was far more terrifying than the demon lords'.

Austin didn't dare relax, not even for a second. He swung the Slaughtering Sword in his hands and immediately let out several huge red flashes of sword aura that violently clashed with the spear in the air.

The spear was approaching dangerously close but Austin was able to block it with the red sword aura.

"Well, it seems like you've got something special indeed."

The demon king sneered coldly.

Immediately after he was done talking, the evil aura around him was in motion once again. This time, more than ten black spears were formed within a second. They then ferociously flew towards Austin.

"Damn it! Just as I expected, the demon king truly is a force to be reckoned with."

Austin inhaled deeply. He knew that it was time to put an end to his sneak attack. It wouldn't do him any good if he decided to stay and keep fighting.

Apart from the demon king before his eyes, there was also a great number of demon lords surrounding him. Besides, thousands of demon race and practitioners from the Heaven Palace were still in the vicinity and were ready to attack at any moment.

If they all went at him at the same time, he could be torn to pieces in a second regardless of his strength and power.

Austin hesitated no longer and swung the Slaughtering Sword in his hands as fast as he could. Over ten flashes of huge scarlet sword aura hit the flying spears and pushed them away.

The pure evil aura that was stored in his body then erupted.

What followed was his Demonic Teleportation Skill.

A light wind was blowing.

Austin turned into a blur as if there were thousands of him.

And within only a few moments, he was completely out of sight.

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