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   Chapter 1103 A Head-on Blow

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Suddenly, the tension in the Heaven Pavilion Sect began to mount. All the disciples hastily armed themselves.

Austin flew out of the mountain with the Sect Supremo, and they stood firmly at the mountain gate.

He ordered the disciples, who were guarding the mountain gate, to retreat to the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin knew that those disciples were too weak to withstand the fierce aggression of the demon race. It was very likely that they would die in the first round.

Therefore, he concluded that it was better if only the Sect Supremo and he remained at the mountain gate. They kept floating midair and decided to wait and see their enemy get closer.

Austin released his spiritual sense to perceive what was happening across the vast land ahead.

About ten thousand meters away, a large army seemed to be marching towards the Heaven Pavilion Sect. It was as dense as a mass of locusts. The dark evil aura it exuded nearly touched the sky.

"It looks like it must have taken lots of work and money for the demon race and the Heaven Palace to set this up."

Austin frowned as he analyzed and became aware of the rival army's strength.

It was several times more compared to that of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

According to the sharp winds lurking in the air, the army seemed far more powerful than the disciples of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. There was simply nothing to compare between the two sides.

Austin allowed himself a wry smile.

It was very clear to him that the Heaven Pavilion Sect was too weak to face the army that was approaching towards them.

Among his people, only the Sect Supremo was in the Tribulation Realm. Only he could be of use.

The rest were all inferior and lesser than the Astral Realm.

Far from being able to initiate a sect to establish their own force, they were too weak even to defend themselves properly.

Austin knew it quite well that the only thing that could make a difference to the Heaven Pavilion Sect was merely the Eighteen Arhats Array. And the only person who could face the situation was himself.

"I must train some overmatches for the Heaven Pavilion Sect to rival our opponents in future. It is not advisable in the long-term for me to shoulder this great responsibility alone,"

Austin muttered to himself.

"Master, the army of the demon race and the Heaven Palace seems to be really powerful!"

the Sect Supremo said with concern. He too had sensed the sinister atmosphere which the

. The army was now less than four thousand meters away from the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Looking at it from their location, the demons roared excitedly. Their fiendish eyes revealed their desire to go to war and plunder the Heaven Pavilion Sect.


All of a sudden, a light flashed somewhere at the rear end of the army. Before they could make out anything, a man showed up.

It was Austin.

Everything had happened so suddenly that no one in front of Austin noticed him.

All their attention was focused on the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

No one seemed to have the time, nor did they make any effort to be aware of the things happening at the rear end.


However, one figure, covered by a dense evil aura stopped. It seemed as if he had discovered something abnormal.

Quickly the figure gave out his strong demonic spiritual soul to perceive the army's rear end.

"Have a taste of my Roaring Blast!" Austin shouted.

With the appearance of Austin, all his evil aura gushed out of him. As a demonic skill, the Roaring Blast could come into play effectively with the cooperation of all the demonic energy.

Austin opened his mouth wide to take a deep breath.

Like a whale swallowing seawater, he sucked all the air around him into his stomach.


With Austin at the center, a loud blast of sound wave rushed towards the army like a violent tsunami.

In an instant, it was pouring over the army. The sound wave almost covered all the human warriors of the Heaven Palace and the demons who were at the rear end.

Since the assault wasn't expected or intercepted, none of them was ready to resist it.

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