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   Chapter 1102 Ready To Fight

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So far Austin had already mastered five demonic skills.

Specifically, the demonic skills he had mastered were the Ten-avatar Skill, the Bone-shaped Demon Claw, the Roaring Blast, the Demonic Energy Needle Attack, and the Demonic Teleportation Skill.

With these skills in hand, Austin was quite confident about his ability to counter any possible attacks from common demon lords.

After thinking for a while, Austin felt it was time for him to return.

Then in just over a second, Austin was able to return to the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Upon his return, he could barely wait to hear about what happened on the days when he was spending all of his time on his cultivation.

Therefore, he immediately summoned the Sect Supremo to meet him and tell him about the latest news.

Then, the Sect Supremo recounted to Austin the recent developments in the Triangle Zone.

After hearing what the Sect Supremo had to say, Austin could not help but furrow his brow with worry.

Apparently, the current situation was much more severe than Austin had anticipated.

From what the Sect Supremo told him, Austin found out that the demon race and the Heaven Palace had taken control of almost two thirds of the Triangle Zone over the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, the human cultivators in the rest of the area were hurrying to escape from the Triangle Zone as quickly as they could.

But that was not even the worst part. According the Sect Supremo, the Southern Alliances Army also suffered from constant setbacks and defeats and sustained many injuries and deaths in their fight against the troops of the demon race and the Heaven Palace.

It was said that the Southern Alliances Army lost up to five or six strong human cultivators in the Heaven Realm in the Triangle Zone.

Austin felt quite sorry for that, since all of these strong cultivators played pivotal roles in their respective sects in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

There was nothing that could make up for the loss brought about by the death of these cultivators.

In addition to that, countless other cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army below the Tribulation Realm either got injured or killed.

After suffering all those adversities, all the cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army who were lucky enough to survive decided to retreat at last from their fight in the Triangle Zone.

In other words, to a large extent, the demon race and the Heaven Palace had now conquered the whole Triangle Zone!

Once the magnitude of the situation completely dawned on Austin, he immediately felt a wave of overwhelming pressure surging inside him.

With all things considered, it seemed highly unlikely that the Heaven Pavilion Sect was able to safeguard the headquarters against the brutal external attacks.

"Master, is it time for us to consider leaving the Triangle Zone?"

The Sect Supremo asked after he recounted the recent happenings.

"Yes, it is time for us to get ready to do that,"

Austin replied with a nod after thinking quietly for a while.

"But we need to wait for the perfect time for us to leave.

For now, go and ask everyone in our sect to pack up everything that they need.


ft the secret chamber at once and went to a hillside.

There, he began to practice the Earth Formula.

This time, he wanted to gain deeper insights into this formula since he was previously occupied with doing various other things and did not have the time to practice it for quite a long time.

Austin actually took great interest in cultivating the Earth Formula because it was a cultivation formula with features similar to those mystical school of nature on planet Earth.

On the hillside, Austin stood still and began to sense the terrain and everything in it.

Austin had to make sure to do this well since gaining insights into the terrain was the most fundamental step in cultivating the Earth Formula.

This step was the prerequisite of learning the other cultivation methods recorded in the manual of the Earth Formula.

So in that moment, Austin put all his concentration into cultivating on the hillside.

Austin stood motionless and released his spiritual sense from his body.

As he set the ground underneath his feet as the central and starting point, he gradually expanded the area he was sensing further into the whole land nearby.

Then, Austin slowly felt that his spiritual sense, his attention, his breath, his heartbeat, and the vital energy flow of his whole body, were fostering some sort of harmony, or rather oneness, with the whole land underneath his feet.

Austin found that feeling was quite fascinating.

It was as if both his body and his soul were incorporated into the land underneath.

Gradually, the many mysteries within the land became crystal clear in Austin's mind.

A whole day passed by.

All of a sudden, a voice came resounded in Austin's ear.

"Master, we have just received a message from our secret agent saying that the troops of the demon race and the Heaven Palace are rushing towards our headquarters now!"

the Sect Supremo informed Austin with urgency through his spiritual sense.

"All right. They are finally coming."

Austin halted the cultivation process at once and immediately returned to his usual state of mind.

"Order everyone to get ready to fight at once!"

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