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   Chapter 1101 Five Demonic Skills

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The secret chamber was filled with pitch-dark evil aura.

Austin sat there with his legs crossed as the evil aura just floated around him. He looked as formidable and frightening as a demon.

Austin spent a whole day feeling the demonic energy flow through his body and into his bones.

Now, due to the large amount of demonic energy inside his body, some of them was spilling out, and the overwhelming evil aura was produced.

A great deal of evil aura floated around Austin that it almost made him look like a member of the demon race.

Frankly, he really wouldn't have minded the evil aura if he had been one of the demon race.

Ironically, he was born a human being. People would raise eyebrows if he was to walk around with the evil aura floating above his head.

Therefore, Austin had to take the evil aura back into his body and refrain it from floating above his head.

More importantly, none of the evil aura should ever be let out.

Inside the secret chamber, Austin tried again and again.

Gradually, the evil aura filling the secret chamber began to slowly flow back into his body.

He tried for three whole days.

Until finally, all the evil aura in the secret chamber was absorbed by Austin's body and was stored in his bones. Now, he looked quite ordinary to the human eyes.

Nobody would ever suspect that he was once involved with the demon race. No evil aura was coming out of his body anymore.

He then used the demonic energy inside his body.

Boom, inexhaustible evil aura came out of his body and began to spray everywhere. All of a sudden, the whole secret chamber was once again filled with the same evil aura he just contained.

The next moment, all of the evil aura quickly flowed towards Austin's body and was absorbed by him completely.

Within several heartbeats, all of the evil aura could no longer be seen or felt in the secret chamber.

Now, Austin had complete control of the demonic energy inside his body. He could let them out or hide them as he wished.

He was quite satisfied with the results.

At that moment, the situation in his body had become quite unique and strange.

The vital energy was stored in his elixir field and coursed through his energy meridians.

However, th

n race would dare to use it.

As soon as Austin was done practicing the Demonic Energy Needle Attack, he began to practice the Demonic Teleportation Skill.

On the first day, he once again just sat in the secret chamber with his legs crossed.

He spent the entire day meditating on the Demonic Teleportation Skill.

On the second day, he left the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and headed for a mountain about 6, 000 meters away.

On the mountain, he wouldn't be interrupted or be seen by any poking glances.

He became absorbed and was oblivious to the passage of time.

For a moment, practicing the demonic skill became his top priority in life.

Waves of evil aura floated around his body as lights around him flickered.

This process consumed a great deal of his demonic energy.

However, fortunately, in the past months, Austin was able to totally absorb the demonic energy of 40 demon lords.

The demonic energy inside his body was so abundant that he could use as much as needed to master the demonic skill.

This process continued for two more days.

On the mountain, Austin's figure suddenly disappeared, and a flash of demonic light flickered.

In a heartbeat, he appeared somewhere 3, 000 meters away.

Austin sighed with relief.

He finally succeeded.

He was more than satisfied with the result of being able to move 3, 000 meters in a second. It felt wonderful.

He could definitely save his life with such movement speed in a pitched battle.

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