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   Chapter 1100 Erick Came Back

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The demon lord was speechless. He was out of words to describe on how confused he was about Austin's real identity.

"I'll be the one to kill you today! Go to hell where you belong!"

Austin said coldly as he sprinted towards the demon lord's position.


Austin did not care on whatever power the demon lord used against him. He was focused on his goal as he dodged the demon lord's attack as swiftly as he could and went straight to him.

At this point, Austin had already absorbed so much demonic energy that defeating a demon lord was just a piece of cake for him.

Austin wasted no time and used his Body Invading Skill to absorb all of the energy of the demon lord as fast as he could.


And all of a sudden, Austin turned into a mass of black cloud and charged onto the next demon lord.

"What in the world is happening here?

He looks familiar to me. I think I have seen him before. Who the hell is he?"

the three warriors in the Tribulation Realm of the Southern Alliances said as they watched Austin's back. All of them were astounded and dumbfounded with what Austin was exhibiting. They all exchanged confused glances as they all wondered what was going on with Austin.

A few moments later, Austin had already again taken complete control over the body of another demon lord

in another position.

Austin then used his newly acquired Body Invading Skill once again to absorb all of energy that the demon lord possessed. He activated his skill and hurriedly engulfed all of the energy quickly, like a vampire sucking off blood from a dead human.

Meanwhile, Austin moved swiftly and quietly like a thief as he planned to launch a sneak attack near the Spring City. He then noticed that there were a lot of demon lords that lurked around the area. And without thinking twice, he activated his Body Invading Skill again to attack the demon lords and absorb all of their energy. And after two hours of battling the ferocious demon lords, he had absorbed the energy amounting to more than twenty demon lords' energy. Austin must have been really hungry for power to be able to do this in such a short period of time.

As Austin absorbed more and more of the demonic energy from the demon lords, the more change he felt. He began to feel that his body was full of pure and dense demonic energy. This massive absorption of energy made him more powerful than ever.

He was so powerful that he only needed to use a small portion of it to achieve massive damage. In line with this, his body was also covered with the purest evil aura.

He now resembled a powerful demon lord all thanks to the black evil aura that surrounded his body.

Austin was hungry for power. The more demon lords he killed, the less pressure there was for the Southern Alliances warriors to destroy their enemies.

The warriors in the Tribulation Realm of the Southern Alliances Army should be very thankful for Austin's current rage. The warriors could defeat demon lords if they put up some struggles. However, their skills were at the danger level whenever they fought demon lords for they were no match for them.

And now that Austin had almost hunted every single demon lord out there, all there was left was the demon generals

ect Supremo was not able to provide any solid and important news since there was nothing really news worthy that happened in the Heaven Pavilion Sect for the past two days.

And since Austin had nearly wiped out the demons and warriors of the Heaven Palace in the Glint City, they were nowhere to be found near the Heaven Pavilion Sect, at least for the time being.

It was a good thing that the warriors of the Heaven Pavilion Sect spent most of their time in cultivating to enhance their strengths.

Just before he left, Austin had given them a great number of training resources, including elixirs and other precious natural resources.

And with all of resources that Austin had given them, there was no reason for them to be lazy not to practice their cultivation.

The Sect Supremo said that over the past few days, many disciples in the Heaven Pavilion Sect had already made breakthroughs gradually and improved their strengths.

Austin was not able to hide his happiness as soon as he learned the team's motivation and improvement.

After knowing and understanding the current situation of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, Austin began to change his focus to cultivation.

He thought that the most important thing to do now was to improve his own strength so that he could be prepared for any storm that could happen in the near future.

Over the past few days, his hunger for power had made him absorb the demonic energy of about forty demon lords.

Austin could feel the fullness of his body due to the huge amounts of demonic energy that he had recently absorbed.

He had absorbed so much that it seemed that he had more demonic energy than an ordinary demon lord did!

However, it was such a waste for now because he could still not utilize the demonic energy and he didn't even know how to use them.

This led him to the next step. He should now look for a way and teach himself how to use all of the demonic energy that he had.

This dense demonic energy that now ran through his veins must now be put into good use. Austin used this idea to remind himself and to encourage himself to practice the demonic skills he had recently learned.

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