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   Chapter 1099 A Raid On Demon Lords

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With his bodily movement skill, Austin moved fast. He soon spotted the two warriors from the demon race who were chasing after dozens of cultivators from the Southern Alliances Army.

The two were demon lords, which meant that they were among the powerful ones in the demon race. One of them was almost six meters tall and his built was visibly sturdy. To make him more intimidating, he also had countless spines over his body.

The other one was about five meters tall, and he had long and sharp horns on his head.

The sum of the their strong evil auras was enough to make it look like there was a dark cloud surrounding them, bloodcurdling and depressing.

"Stupid human beings, go to hell!"

Roaring with laughter, the demon lord with horns started to reach for the back of a cultivator who was at the premium stage of Astral Realm. Ice awls formed at his right hand and he went directly at the cultivator.

The cultivator turned pale with fright. Without a second thought, he took a yellow shield out of his Space Ring and tried to block the attack that was coming from behind him.

Bang! A loud crash rang out.

Some of the awls hit the yellow shield, but the others bypassed it and hit the cultivator.

Within a fraction of a second, the cultivator, at the premium stage of Astral Realm fell on the ground, lifeless and with a dozen of holes on his body.

"Ha-ha. Human beings truly are incredibly weak! I'll have fun hunting all of you!"

the demon lord exclaimed, unmatched excitement evident in his voice.

"And.... I'll start from you!"

Austin quickly performed his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and zoomed to the grinning instantaneously.

"Who is that?

Damn you!"

Feeling that something was wrong and that someone was attacking him, the demon lord became immediately alert. His evil aura surged, turned into a claw, and aimed it at Austin.

Such a scene would instill incredible fear in the heart of an ordinary warrior. However, since Austin had already absorbed the demonic energy of ten demon lords, this demon lord was definitely no match for him.


Austin didn't even try to dodge the demon lord's attack.

Instead, he dashed towards the claw and shattered it into a million pieces.

After that, he went for the demon l

s the skills he used suggested that he was from the demon race.

"Maybe... he is a human cultivator who has mastered demonic skills?" one whispered.

"Oh. I know!

He was the man who broke into the Spring City and left with the disciples of the Veritable Demon Sect!

As far as I know, he also performed demonic skills at that time.

Even then, Elder Kerr and the Sky Sect claimed that he was the spy for the demon race."

One of the cultivators shared.

"Now that rings a bell! I also think that he was that guy!"

"But if he's the spy for the demon race, why would he kill the demon lords just to save us?"

With that, the discussion halted, as confusion once again set in among them.

"You know what? We'll figure that out one day. For now, let's get out of here! If more demons show up, none of us would survive!"

"I still can't believe Elder Kerr would run away like that.

Now we are suffering from low morale, aside from the situation not being in our favor,"

one of them sighed.

Soon, all of those cultivators used their bodily movement skill and rushed to flee the area.

Austin, on the other hand, had just arrived on the other side of the area, reaching the demon lord he had sensed earlier.

This demon lord was attacking three cultivators at the Tribulation Realm.

"Who are you?"

The three cultivators, despite being at a high cultivation base, were apparently losing the fight.

Noticing the appearance of Austin, the demon lord fixed its eyes on him fiercely.

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