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   Chapter 1098 Deserter Elder Kerr

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"Pull all out, and hold your ground!" Elder Kerr instructed.

He stood on the wall where all the soldiers from the Southern Alliances Army could see his face.

"Kill all of them!" he continued.

Elder Kerr was the best cultivator there. His arrival had greatly boosted morale in the Spring City.

All cultivators in the city rushed out of the gates to join the fight against their enemies.

The battle escalated.

"A group of losers, you're digging your own grave."

A derisive voice thundered. The next minute, a tall figure soared into the sky above the troops of the demon race, accompanied by thick evil aura.

He hovered in the air, heading towards the wall of Spring City—a

creepy looking demon.

He was no other than Erick the Demon King.

As he moved around, he stretched out a finger with a long, ugly fingernail.

Each time he stretched out a finger, a rope made from the evil aura would bind a cultivator from the Southern Alliances Army and make him magically vanish into a slight misty cloud.

In a few minutes, he had turned quite a number of the soldiers into a mist of blood.

Stark raving mad at the large number of soldiers he was losing, Elder Kerr racked his brain for a solution.

"That demon again.

I know, he is a lot more stronger this time round."

Having fought against this same Erick the Demon King more than once, he knew exactly how tough an opponent he had on his hands.

He knew that the demon had practiced some mysterious, powerful skills that would be difficult to withstand.

Elder Kerr's heart grew heavy with fear as he watched Erick the Demon King slaying the cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army. But soon, the fear was replaced by rage.

"You despicable demon, I will strike you down," he shouted.

Gritting his teeth to muster up courage, he dashed towards the demon king.

"This is going to be interesting. You're a master at the Heaven Realm. All right, I'll play with you again and see what you're capable of,"

Erick the Demon King sneered back.

The demon king's body oozed a tremendous evil aura that enveloped him entirely.

With a swoosh, he disappeared.

The thick evil aura divided into countless streaks that snaked their way towards Elder Kerr.

To scan his surroundings, Elder Kerr unleashed his spiritual sense force, but he couldn't locate Erick the Demon King anywhere.

Left with no other choice, he had to

like Erick the Demon King had determined to take out Elder Kerr. He kept pursuing his target.

"What's going on?

Where is Elder Kerr? Did he run away?"

"Yes, he deserted us."

Discovering their commander, Elder Kerr had ran away, the rest of the Southern Alliances Army soldiers went into a panic.

Their will to fight was dealt a devastating blow.

"Even Elder Kerr ran away. It's impossible for us to win this fight. Run, guys!"

At once they gave up the fight, activated their bodily movement skills and fled.

But the members of the Heaven Palace and the demons followed hot in pursuit.

"Kerr, that asshole deserted his men and ran away alone," Austin said derisively.

Now, he despised Elder Kerr.

"Where do you think you are going? You can't escape us. You low-born humans, we'll end your lives today!"

Dozens of cultivators ran, heading in Austin's direction.

Through his spiritual sense, he saw the two demon lords chasing after dozens of cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army.

'There are two demon lords coming, '

he thought.

Austin had destroyed ten demon lords and absorbed a lot of demonic energy from them the other day in the Glint City.

'Two demon lords are approaching me.

I will suck their energy as well.

There must be a great number of demon lords in this battlefield.

Perhaps I can go absorb all their power while that strong demon king isn't with them.

This way, I will get more demonic energies.'

This thought left Austin excited.

He wasted no time activating the Thunderbolt Movement Skill to rush towards the two demon lords.

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