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   Chapter 1097 Attack The Ramparts

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Austin found that the amount of demonic energy stored in his bones increased sharply after absorbing the evil aura ropes.

The demon king was shocked. He released a powerful demonic spiritual soul, which then passed through Austin.

"What... How... How could your body contain the skeleton of the demon imperator?

Tybalt the Great!

I can't believe that it is the spirit of Tybalt the Great.

What on earth is going on?

How could a human have the spirit of Tybalt the Great?"

At this moment, the demon king's expression reflected his astonishment. Doubt flashed through his eyes as he stared at Austin.

'Did Tybalt the Great possess this human?'

As the thought crossed the demon king's mind, he figured out what could have happened.

It was quite common for members of the demon race to possess humans.

"Are you Tybalt the Great?

I am Erick the Demon King. In the old days, I followed you when you to conquer the Oracle Sect.

Unfortunately, they defeated us. I, too, was resurrected not long ago,"

he explained while staring at Austin.

Austin froze for an instant.

So, the demon king in front of him had also been resurrected in the Barren Mountain not long ago.

Besides, the demon king had mistaken Austin for Tybalt the Great as well.

It seemed that the mark of Tybalt the Great had been engraved deeply in Austin's body after the skeleton of Tybalt the Great was integrated with his body.

Furthermore, his spiritual soul had also absorbed the demonic spiritual soul of Tybalt the Great and it was stained by its spirit.

"Ahem, so you are Erick, the Demon King,"

Austin said in an ambiguous way.

At this point, only by pretending to be Tybalt the Great could he avoid another big fight with this demon king.

"Tybalt the Great, is that really you?"

Erick the Demon King, exclaimed. Obviously, he only half believed it.

"Since you know who I am, then don't bother me with minor matters."

Austin dared not say anything more detailed to this demon king for fear that he might reveal himself.

At the same time, he winked at the gnome. The gnome understood and flew


Elder Kerr stated as though he didn't dare to believe it.

"But we have witnessed it! The Veritable Demon Sect should give us an explanation."

Another person from the Sky Sect expressed his anger.

"Well, the next time I meet an executive of the Veritable Demon Sect, I will definitely ask him.

They should give us a reason.

Or, they will never be exonerated for conspiring with the demon race,"

Elder Kerr said coldly. At the same time, he thought of all the questions he was going to ask when he met the executives from the Veritable Demon Sect.

"Something terrible is happening. Elder Kerr, the demon race and warriors of the Heaven Palace, are attacking the ramparts."

At this moment, a person appeared and shared the news with everyone.

"Let's go and see what's happening."

Elder Kerr moved his body slightly before disappearing in a flash.

The remaining people were impressed by his ability. Masters at the Heaven Realm were indeed very capable!

In just a few seconds, Elder Kerr arrived over the ramparts of the Spring City.

After seeing that the demon race and the warriors of the Heaven Palace were attacking the ramparts aggressively, Elder Kerr frowned.

Some time ago, the demon race and warriors from the Heaven Palace had besieged Spring City, but they had not launched any large-scale attacks since.

Why were they attacking the ramparts so fiercely now?

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