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   Chapter 1095 Blue Light Beam Skill

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Austin used Thunderbolt Movement Skill and instantly moved thousands of meters. He then immediately summoned the gnome from the Illusion Bead telepathically through the spiritual sense.

The gnome moved with lightning speed. He appeared right next to Austin in the wink of an eye and used his teleportation ability to communicate.

The space around them started to shake violently within minutes as both of them were together.

"Are you trying to escape young man? Not on my watch!"

Elder Kerr from the Sky Sect was furious by now so there was no chance that he would let Austin escape that easily without any harm.

His vital energy force began to surge, and a dark blue light beam shot right out of his hand towards Austin.

This light traveled with such lightning speed that it broke the boundary of the space and made it to the back of Austin in an instant.

Austin was following right behind the gnome and was just about to enter the void. His spiritual sense suddenly detected a sign of danger.

His sharp spiritual sense detected it to be a dark blue light beam. Although it was thin as a hair, it surprisingly contained formidable power.

Austin clearly understood that he would not be able to shield himself from this light beam with mere his vital energy force and physical strength

Chances were maybe with the Slaughtering Sword, he probably would have given some sort of resistance or maybe even deal with it.

But it was so fast that he didn't have even have the time to draw his sword out of the sheath, let alone attack something so dangerous with it.

This dark blue light beam contained the energy of a cultivator of the Heaven Realm, but more importantly it traveled so inhumanly fast that it was almost scary

and Austin had no time to defend himself.

"You little brat, this light beam of mine is powered by my spiritual sense.

There is no way that you could cope up with its speed while being at the medium stage of Astral Realm,"

Elder Kerr said hauntingly while looking at Austin with a monstrous satisfaction.

He was already picturing a dead Austin in his head with a gaping hole in his chest created by the light beam.

His blue light beam was a secret trick that he had been practicing and perfecting for many years.

He had been using it to ambush his opponents and even used th

s lessened by a large degree suddenly.

That humongous figure stood up forcefully

and a horrific power oozed out his body and turned the space around him shaky and gloomy, "Ha-ha, I would never have expected to restore my full strength since I fell from the top eight hundred years ago!"

With evil aura gone, a demon head with two bendy horns was revealed, looking absolutely ferocious, and he was looking at the Spring City.

"It's high time we took over this city.

A human of mere Heaven Realm is no match for me now that I am at the peak of my power."

This demon sneered at the thought of Austin

but suddenly he stopped and froze.

"There is a sign of space fluctuation.

Did someone just escape from the Spring City via Space Teleportation?

How interesting!

I would never have thought there could be someone in this Prime Martial World could master the power of space teleportation. This is one of the most difficult and rarest skills to achieve."

The second his words came out, this demon shook his body and disappeared from the tent immediately.

Back to Austin, just as he fetched the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and was about to mount it, his face suddenly turned stern and then he set his eyes on the area in front of him.

A stalwart figure gradually appeared with evil aura all over his body.

"Demon king!"

The second Austin saw this figure, he realized instantly that it was the demon king.

Austin had run into several demon lords before

and this demon was evidently far more powerful than a demon lord.

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