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   Chapter 1094 Run Away Now

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Austin was in a terrible mess. His clothes were disheveled, his hair was sticking out on his head, and he struggled to keep his balance. There were even some faint blood stains on the corners of his mouth.

"Wow! A Heaven Realm cultivator is really someone you shouldn't underestimate!"

Austin smiled.

But the smile on his face soon twisted into a painful look as he gasped for air.

The clouds of dust had already subsided. Everyone on the area looked at Austin with their widened eyes as if they were looking at a monster.

None of them could believe what they just saw. A cultivator like Austin who only reached the medium stage of Astral Realm just survived an attack from a Heaven Realm cultivator.

He was safe and sound. He only had to sustain some minor wounds.

The mere fact that Austin was able to withstand such a powerful strike dumbstruck everyone with amazement.

Even the Tribulation Realm cultivators around the area weren't confident enough to take the vital energy palm thrown by Elder Kerr. They were certain they would have been killed or gravely injured by the forceful palm attack.

At the same time, Elder Kerr exerted all the spiritual sense martial arts skills he had mastered and had finally destroyed the white fire ball inside his Soul Sea.

But the price he had to pay was that a part of his spiritual sense had been burnt up by the fire ball.

He looked at Austin as qualm filled his eyes.

From the lesson he just got, he no longer dared to aim his attacks at Austin without careful consideration.

If Austin exerted the horrible skill once again, he would have to spend strenuous efforts to work everything out. He had no plans of going through all of that again.

Austin was impressed by Elder Kerr as well.

A Heaven Realm cultivator was truly as strong as the legends said.

Whether it would be on the aspect of vital energy, spiritual sense, or cultivation base, a Heaven Realm cultivator would always be much stronger than a Tribulation Realm one.

The Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill had never failed Austin whenever he uses it to deal with Tribulation Realm cultivators.

It was his first time to use this spiritual sense martial arts skill in a fight against a Heaven Realm cultivator and he wasn't even able to hurt Elder Kerr.

Austin took out an eighth-grade healing elixir and swallowed it as quickly as he could. It wasn't long before the elixir began doing its work inside his body.

In a flash, his minor wounds had been cured without any remaining signs of them at all.

The others thought Austin was extremely luxurious to use such a priceless elixir to heal his minor wounds. B

answer. Well, what do you have to say about that, Elder Kerr?"

Barker said coldly. He no longer minded falling out with Elder Kerr at all.

"Barker, what the hell are you talking about?

Elder Kerr is a righteous man! Everything he does is for the greater good of everyone!

How could you speak of our elder in such manner?"

said one of the Sky Sect members angrily as he was infuriated by Barker's words.

Everyone from the Sky Sect was irritated by Barker's accusations.

The members of the other sects, however, just stayed silent throughout the exchange.

Because they all knew what Barker said was one hundred percent true.

"Elder Kerr, many of my men have been hurt badly.

As the commander, you haven't done anything to help us.

And you even threatened us and took away every healing elixir we had.

How could you do this to the Veritable Demon Sect when we're the ones who need the elixirs the most?

You have disappointed everyone from the Veritable Demon Sect. So, on behalf of the Veritable Demon Sect, I hereby announce that we are no longer a member of the Southern Alliances Army,"

Barker said firmly.

Meanwhile, Austin was activating the transportation power of the City model. Simultaneously, through his spiritual sense, he told the members of the Veritable Demon Sect not to exert their vital energy.

Then in a flash, all the members of the Veritable Demon Sect disappeared. They had all been transported into the City.

Austin then immediately flashed away for thousands of meters.

"Holy shit! Where did they all go? How could they just disappear in a split second?"

"Oh, no! That guy was able to get away!"

The sudden disappearance of the Veritable Demon Sect and Austin drew everyone in the area into panic.

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