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   Chapter 1093 Fight Against The Heaven Realm Master

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8660

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The moment that Austin used the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, a wisp of white flames suddenly appeared in the Soul Sea of the cultivator from the Sky Sect, who was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

The white flames immediately fanned out all over the Soul Sea.

The cultivator at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm suddenly felt that the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea was swiftly burning away, as if he were on fire inside.

But no matter how hard he tried to put out the fire by using several spiritual soul martial art skills, it was all pointless. The white flame was impossible to extinguish.

After a few seconds, only half of his spiritual sense was left in his Soul Sea.


Elder Kerr, save me!"

The dire situation scared the hell out of the cultivator who was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm and started screaming in pain. He knew that it was the end for him if his Soul Sea vanished.


Elder Kerr snorted with utter annoyance and released his strong spiritual sense into the cultivator's Soul Sea.

Once his spiritual sense penetrated inside, it immediately rushed to the burning white ball of fire, as if he was trying to flush it out of the cultivator's Soul Sea.

Simultaneously, Austin also released his powerful spiritual sense into the cultivator's Soul Sea, and fought against Elder Kerr's spiritual sense.


The two powerful spiritual sense rammed violently against each other in the cultivator's Soul Sea. It was like two walls slamming at each other.


The cultivator let out a painful screech because he felt as if a magnitude 10 earthquake shook his Soul Sea.

His spiritual soul was like a fragile glass which shattered into thousands of tiny pieces!

His body was thrown far away, which fell on the ground with a thump and became a motionless corpse.

"What just happened?"

The people who just witnessed what happened were all dumbfounded. They did not understand how a person who was just at the medium stage of Astral Realm could easily dispose a cultivator at the Tribulation Realm by simply using a spiritual sense attack.

"You certainly have a death wish!

How dare you kill a member of the Sky Sect!"

Elder Kerr flushed and shook all over with rage because he felt that it was unbelievable that someone like Austin dared to kill a member of the Sky Sect right in front of him. He even enjoyed it.

"Ha-ha. If you think about it, Elder Kerr, you are actually an accomplice with that guy's death,"

Austin laughed tauntingly.

"You dare taunt me?!


Elder Kerr suddenly felt his spiritual sense was being consumed due to the flames of the white ball of fire. He was both surprise and seriously alarmed with this development.

Elder Kerr hurriedly used his spiritual soul martial art skill in order to drive away the white ball of fire out of his Soul Sea just like what he had done previously.

However, the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill was very powerful. No matter how hard Elder Kerr tried, he was unable to drive the white ball of fire out of his Soul Sea. It was as if he was fighting off fire with only a cup of water at hand.

Any spiritual sense that approached the white ball of fire would instantly burn completely. It was so hot that it could easily match the temperature of the sun.

As soon as Austin used the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, he stretched out his finger to stab the vital energy palm, which was falling rapidly on his head.

A huge finger shape suddenly appeared, which hit the vital energy palm that was released by Elder Kerr.


The finger shape slammed against the vital energy palm violently, which produced a booming sound heard for hundreds of miles away.

The whole world seemed to have shaken violently because of the impact.

Then, a powerful shock wave of vital energy force was instantly released from the spot of the impact.

Afraid of getting caught up in the shock wave, everyone around who was watching the two fight, used their bodily movement skills to flee to safety. All the plants and rocks flew away because of the blast.

A few minutes later, the shock wave of vital energy force slowly dispersed.

Austin's figure slowly floated up from the pit which was a few meters deep already.

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