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   Chapter 1093 Elder Kerr

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Who am I? You don't have the authority to ask me that!"

Austin said in a low voice. He just didn't give a hoot about anyone from the Sky Sect.

"How dare you, now the Spring City is surrounded by warriors from the Heaven Palace and the demon race. You couldn't have sneaked in here.

I now suspect you are a spy, either from the Heaven Palace or the demon race!"

Austin's attitude irritated Elder Kerr.

"Austin, Elder Kerr of the Sky Sect is a master of the Heaven Realm.

And the Commander of our Southern Alliances Army in the Spring City.

You'd better not provoke him to anger."

Dahlia's father immediately sent a voice message to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Don't worry. Please just stand aside and watch,"

Austin replied.

Then he stood up and walked out the door directly.

Looking as cool-headed as he could, he stood in the open field outside and tried to read the surroundings for a sign of trouble.

In the spirit, he sensed many swift, fierce figures approaching.

One of them was an elder in gray. About sixty from the looks, he looked feisty and dignified.

The extremely powerful vital energy force he emitted kept violently compressing the space in front of him for maximum thrust. He moved so fast that it was only a matter of a few minutes before he got here.

All of a sudden, a blast of powerful vital energy force fell from the sky, covering Austin like rolling surges.

This was the real strength of a Heaven Realm master.

Silently, Austin stood in the open field, feeling the power of the elder's vital energy force form a shield covering him.

By the look of it, he quickly judged that the Heaven Realm masters were way stronger than the Tribulation Realm ones.

Even as he stood there in the open field, Austin started admiring the Heaven Realm at heart.

With his current cultivation, he was able to easily handle any opponent form the Tribulation Realm.

But, now facing a Heaven Realm master, he had some doubts as to his abilities.

Meanwhile, from behind the elder in gray, many more figures emerged, all of them Tribulation Realm masters.

Immediately, Austin recognized quite a number of them.

A majority

Elder Kerr? You must be having a death wish!"

As soon as Austin stopped talking, people from Sky Sect began shouting at him.

With a grim face, Elder Kerr looked into Austin's eyes, showing obvious murderous.

"To tell you the truth, the elixirs the Veritable Demon Sect had were given by me.

And I still have a lot.

So, are you going to rob all of my elixirs, Elder Kerr?"

Austin then took out dozens of jade bottles, each containing grade seven, eight and even nine elixirs. Casually, he kept tossing all the bottles.

Strong odors of the elixirs dispersed, filling the air around them.

At the moment, everyone was closely following the jade bottles in Austin's hands.

They all understood that every grain of the elixirs was priceless.

The greed in their eyes was unmistakable.

"You are merely in the medium stage of Astral Realm. How dare you talk so rudely to Elder Kerr!

Someone take him! He must be a spy from the Heaven Palace!"

Out of the blue, one Sky Sect member at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm came out from beside Elder Kerr and dashed at Austin like a flash.

A condensed purple vital energy palm ripped its way and snaked toward Austin.

"Finally, you started robbing my elixirs with that crap excuse.

The true vicious face of the Sky Sect fully showed itself."

Austin couldn't help but laugh at them in derision. They were playing with fire, but they didn't know that his patience had its limits.

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