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   Chapter 1092 Who Are You

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Dahlia's father thought Austin's plan was to take them and fight their way out.

The cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army who were captivated in the Spring City had tried that so many times but they failed each time.

"Austin, the group of cultivators of the Heaven Palace and the demon race which surrounds the Spring City is very large and also powerful.

And they are led by a demon king. It is extremely difficult to get out of here,"

Dahlia's father spoke with sadness and dejection.

"They have a demon king!"

Austin was surprised, because the power of a demon king was like the power of a human cultivator at the Heaven Realm. Suddenly Austin felt that his power was not enough to fight against the demon king.


Several days ago, I had asked Elder Kerr of the Sky Sect to help me. That was when we finally managed to send Dahlia and Faye out of the Spring City.

I told Dahlia to find you, because I hope that you can protect and take care of Dahlia for me.

I did not expect that you would bring Dahlia back to the Spring City.

I wonder what we should do now?"

Dahlia's father asked Austin.

Austin noticed that Dahlia's father was complaining about his decision rather than appreciating it.

"Hmm! C'mon dad! Forget about Kerr, that old fox!

If we hadn't given all our healing pills to him, he would have never helped us.

Now, the members of our Veritable Demon Sect don't have even one healing pill with them.

If we had them, your wounds wouldn't have got so worse,"

Dahlia said angrily.

"Dahlia, stop saying that! The spiritual sense of Elder Kerr is very powerful.

He can sense everything that happens in the Spring City.

Your words like these will get our Veritable Demon Sect in trouble."

Dahlia's father was surprised by her words and stopped her right away.


Sir, at what stage is this Elder Kerr of the Sky Sect?

Why did you give him all the healing pills?"

After hearing what Dahlia said, Austin was curious and asked Barker.

"Elder Kerr is the only cultivator at the Heaven Realm in the Spring City, and it is because of him that the Southern Alliances Army has been able to survive till now in the Spring City.

I had asked him to help me send Dahlia and Faye out of the Spring City secretly.

Elder Kerr's condition was to give him all the healing pills of the Veritable Demon Sect.

It is quite understandable because in this chaos caused by war, the elixirs and pills for

ounds have all healed in such a short time."

Dahlia's father was full of excitement.

He was very happy after having recovered, because just about fifteen minutes ago he had been lying in bed. And now he was hale and hearty.

"Dad, I have distributed the healing pills to everyone. They are all recovering now,"

Dahlia informed happily as she ran into the lobby.

The elixirs and pills Austin had taken out and shared were all extremely precious healing elixirs and pills, so they would work efficiently in a few seconds.

"Austin, thank you so much.

The Veritable Demon Sect owes you a big one!

Last time, it was also you who saved the cultivators of the Veritable Demon Sect after the auction in the Graystone City had finished,"

Dahlia's father thanked Austin sincerely.

"You are welcome, sir,"

Austin replied with a smile.

At the same moment, a strong spiritual sense swept suddenly through everyone in the lobby.

"It is Elder Kerr!"

Dahlia's father said. He was shocked and seemed a bit fearful.

"Violet, activate your illusion to change the vibe of my spiritual soul!"

Feeling the powerful spiritual sense, Austin immediately asked Violet telepathically to do so.

Violet instantly activated her illusion and changed the smell of Austin's spiritual soul in a single second.

The strong spiritual sense located and stopped near Austin after it swept over the whole lobby.

"Who are you? How did you get in the Spring City?

Answer my questions immediately,"

the owner of that strong spiritual sense shouted at Austin after he sensed Austin from head to toe carefully using the spiritual sense.

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