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   Chapter 1091 No Need To Rush

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According to Dahlia, her father, Barker, had joined the Southern Alliances Army with the disciples of Veritable Demon Sect. He had come to the Triangle Zone to eliminate the Heaven Palace and the demon race.

Dahlia and Faye had secretly followed Barker.

The father wasn't aware of his daughter's presence. It was after reaching the Triangle Zone when Barker discovered his daughter. Since they were already too far away from home, he decided to take Dahlia and Faye with him.

Later, Barker and some members of the Southern Alliances Army had been trapped in the Spring City of the Triangle Zone.

A horde of members from the Heaven Palace and the demon race had besieged the city.

The trapped members of the Southern Alliances Army attempted to break the siege several times. They failed every time because their enemies were stronger than them.

Barker had sustained serious injuries in one such battle.

Realizing that they couldn't fight their way out, Barker and several elders of the Veritable Demon Sect risked their lives and sent Dahlia and Faye out of the Spring City.

Dahlia's father asked the two girls to look for Austin in the Heaven Pavilion Sect. He advised them that they could turn to him for help.

He knew Austin's strength and believed that he would keep the two girls safe.

However, Dahlia and Faye had been caught by demons before they arrived at the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Barker never told his daughter to ask or bring Austin to help him. Dahlia was worried about her father, and that was why she urged Austin to save him.

After hearing Dahlia's story, Austin understood what had happened to her and her father.

"Will you come to my dad's rescue or not, Austin?

My dad was badly injured. He couldn't even defend himself.

Once those demons take over the city, I'm sure my father will be killed.

My mom died when I was young. Dad brought me up. I have no one else except him. If anything happens to him, I'll have no reason to live," Dahlia said emotionally before she burst into tears.

She was an outspoken girl, who was never good at hiding her emotions.

"Don't worry. I will save your father," Austin promised.

He comforted Dahlia that he would try his best to save the life of her father.

Then he sent Dahlia and Faye somewhere safe inside his City model.

Once they h


"Oh dear! My Lady! Why did you come back?"

the old man asked with concern.

He was surprised to see Dahlia and Faye back again.

Paying no heed to him, Dahlia pointed towards a room and signaled to Austin.

A tall middle-aged man lay on the bed inside that room.

He was Dahlia's father.

"Dahlia, Faye, Austin!" Barker was stunned to see the three of them. He managed to get up, his eyes almost bugging out.

He hadn't expected the three of them to appear in his room.

"Don't worry, sir. I can enter or leave this city freely. I'm here to get you out,"

Austin assured him with a smile.

He had the magic treasure, and also the gnome who had the marvelous teleportation ability. It was an easy task to get Dahlia's father out of this place.

"Is that so?"

Barker murmured skeptically, looking at Austin.

Though he knew that Austin was incredibly powerful, he didn't think he could help him leave the Spring City. Barker felt that escape was not going to be easy from that forsaken place.

After all, the city was surrounded by members of the demon race and the Heaven Palace.

"How many of your men are here? Round them up.

I'm getting you out of here,"

Austin spoke as if he had planned everything already.

"Do you mean we will leave this place now?"

Barker responded, stunned at Austin's confidence and determination.

"Now is not a good time. If we want to break the siege, it will be best to take action at night.

Besides, we need to prepare for it.

There's no need to rush,"

he continued.

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