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   Chapter 1090 Massacre All Enemies in the Glint City

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10265

Updated: 2019-10-22 14:14

Now, all ten demon lords in the Glint City had been defeated and killed by Austin.

Afterwards, the only ones that remained were six powerful cultivators of the Heaven Palace who were in the Tribulation Realm.

However, Austin was not too bothered. He was perfectly capable of defeating those cultivators despite their strength being at that level.

With that in mind, Austin moved directly towards the gate of the Glint City.

When Austin got to the gate of the Glint City, he found more than a dozen people from the Heaven Palace guarding it.

"Who is it?"

A man who seemed to be the captain of all guards shouted at Austin.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a huge Bone-shaped Demon Claw fell from the sky and immediately stormed toward the guards.

"Bang, bang, bang."

At once, the bodies of more than a dozen people guarding the gate of the Heaven Palace exploded into a mass of blood mist.

Then, Austin walked right into the Glint City without anyone stopping him.

"Someone is making trouble!"

In no time at all, the guards inside the city heard of what happened at the gate.

Several teams of guards quickly ran out of the city. However, in spite of the great number of enemies rushing towards Austin, he did not feel panicked at all. Instead, he continued moving slowly. Meanwhile, the huge Bone-shaped Demon Claw in mid-air was writhing with a lot of dark evil aura, making it look extremely terrifying.

The Bone-shaped Demon Claw fell over and over onto the people of the Glint City and wreaking havoc.

Then, groups of demon races also ran out of the Glint City. But just like the cultivators, none of them stood a chance against the Bone-shaped Demon Claw -- they were all crushed by it regardless of what they were.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh."

All of a sudden, six swift and fierce figures rushed out from the center of the Glint City and instantly appeared at Austin's side.

A strong man whose cultivation base was in the Tribulation Realm shouted angrily at Austin, "It's you again!" In spite of his seemingly fierce and courageous demeanor, his eyes betrayed him as they showed how scared he actually was.

Another powerful cultivator in the Tribulation Realm asked Austin, "Where are those demon lords?

Are you the one who has been causing trouble these past few days?"

"Yes, I did all of those things.

I believe that everyone has the responsibility to eradicate evil and protect justice,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Now, the six of you will also be killed by me," Austin said wickedly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Bone-shaped Demon Claw began to attack the cultivators in front of him.


The Bone-shaped Demon Claw fell from the sky and headed towards a powerful cultivator whose cultivation base was in the Tribulation Realm.

"What the hell is going on here?

That is the demonic skill of the Bone Demon Lord. How in the world are you able to use it?".

Upon seeing what was happening, that cultivator felt extremely horrified. He started to retreat and did

only gave them the same treatment that they gave the original residents of the Glint City.

Meanwhile, since the demons were not human beings, Austin felt no psychological burden at all upon killing them.

About half a day later, all of the remaining people from the Heaven Palace and the demons in the Glint City were completely annihilated by Austin.

By the time Austin as finished, the whole Glint City was full of horrible-looking corpses and bloody scenes.

Finally, Austin jumped into the air and flew out of the Glint City.

After a while, he landed on a relatively quiet place near the Glint City.

Austin then used his mind power to connect with the City model of his and transport Dahlia and Faye out of there.

"Lecher, what are you doing? My father is in danger! Please go and save him!"

Dahlia had been in that City for such a long time, and she had been feeling extremely anxious over her father's situation. So the moment he saw Austin, she immediately exploded and shouted at him.

Austin did not mind getting yelled at because he knew that she was only worried about her father's safety, and he did not want to start a dispute with her.

"What has happened to your father? Please tell me at once,"

Austin said with a tinge of concern in his voice.

Austin had a pretty friendly relationship with Dahlia's father. Therefore, if there was anything he could do to save him, then he was not going to refuse Dahlia's request.

During the time he left them in the City model, Austin mainly wanted to solve the problem in the Glint City first, in addition to studying the demonic skills of the demon race.

This was because the people from the Heaven Palace and the demons in the Glint City actually gathered there specifically to attack the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Now that he had slain all of his enemies in the Glint City, Austin no longer had to worry about the safety of the Heaven Pavilion Sect for the time being.

Then, Dahlia told Austin about her father's current situation.

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