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   Chapter 1089 Demonic Skill (Part Two)

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The demon lord, however, had no time to escape at all since everything happened in a blink of an eye. Austin caught him off guard which meant that his plan worked.

"Now! Body Invading Skill!"

Austin cried out as he planned to crush the demon lord to pieces.

Next thing he knew, a powerful force pulled the demon lord toward Austin, like a dog pulled back with a retractable leash. The force was so strong that the demon lord's body was bent against his spine.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?!"

The demon lord yelled helplessly as he tried to resist the pulling force that was wrapped around his body.

And without hesitation, Austin then wrapped his hands and arms around him and exuded four million pounds of physical strength to his arms. At this point, the demon lord could hardly move a muscle due to the immense force that Austin was putting on him.

Everything happened so fast. The demon lord's body started to shrink as soon as Austin used his Body Invading Skill.

The demon lord's struggle did not last long. After a few moments, his body turned into streams of black evil aura that were absorbed by Austin.


A ray of dark light appeared before Austin. It could be seen that the dark light was struggling to run away, like a shadow trying to escape his death.

Austin had his eyes wide open and noticed it at once.

Then, a strong force from his spiritual sense surged up, targeting the ray of dark light in front of him.


A miserable and agonized shriek came out from the dark light, echoing throughout the whole room. It was like the cry of a life being slaughtered mercilessly.

Suddenly, twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears had enveloped the dark light

. Because of the teleportation ability, they could be carried into a void which was like another dimension.

And in one whole day, Austin had gotten ten demonic skills from the demon lords in the Glint City.

But not all of them attracted Austin's interest.

What Austin had wanted more than anything were powerful and useful skills that he could learn from all the demon souls that he absorbed.

After all, quantity doesn't always equate to quality.

After giving it some thought, Austin then browsed through all of the skills that he could learn and finally chose two demonic skills which he thought were the most useful for him—the Bone-shaped Demon Claw and Roaring Blast.

Austin had gotten ten demon lords' demonic energy, so mastering the two demonic skills were just a breeze to him. He hardly had any sweat at all.

Being the master that he was, he had only used up half a day of his life in learning and mastering the Bone-shaped Demon Claw and the Roaring Blast.

"Well, the Glint City is useless now. Nothing more to be excited about in here. Ah, I guess it's now time to destroy it!"

Austin murmured to himself.

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