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   Chapter 1087 A Brand New Way Of Cultivation

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But he wasn't willing to give away the Ten-avatar Skill voluntarily to Austin.


Austin threatened with a cold hum.

The demon lord trembled in fear. It just hit him that he was now under the complete control of the demon imperator standing right before him.

If he couldn't boot-lick the demon imperator, his life would be on the line.

So, to save his life, the demon lord was finally forced to tell Austin how to practice the Ten-avatar Skill.

But on learning what the skill involved, Austin wasn't very impressed.

Honing the particular skills that he was interested in required one to have the demonic energy first.

As a human cultivator, Austin only had the vital energy in his body. How could he practice the demonic skill without demonic energy?

"Alas! I have been sleeping for all these years. Now, I only have the bones and an incomplete demonic spiritual soul. Where can I find the demonic energy required to practice the skill?"

Austin pretended to be upset, and calculated every word he said, to pry out more helpful information.

"Your Majesty!

It looks like you got your demonic spiritual soul seriously hurt.

Every one of the demon race is a product of hard work and discipline in the cultivation of various skills within their realm of power.

As long as your bones are still there, it is very easy for you to cultivate the demonic energy.

It's so easy that you just have to absorb the demonic energy you meet.

Your Majesty, you just absorbed my body, so you already have my demonic energy in your body right now,"

said the demon lord.

But he sounded very upset while he talked about this.

Now he deeply regretted his earlier decisions.

Had he known that there was a demon imperator inside the human boy, he would never have used the Body Invading Skill. It was surely a suicidal decision.

Now he was having a taste of his own medicine.

The demonic body that he had been cultivating for over centuries became the demon imperator's body all of a sudden.

"What? Are you saying that I already have demonic energy in my body as we speak?"

Austin couldn't wait to confirm using his spiritual sense.

Right away, he did a quick check on his body.

In a few moments of the scan, his face took on a weird look.

Between his own bones, he disco

he used twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears and a spiritual demon to trap him in a corner.

He knew that his spiritual sense was strong enough to keep this demon lord hostage in his Soul Sea for the time being.

He only needed a small part of his spiritual sense to watch over the poor, trapped fellow.

Sitting with his legs crossed in the secret room, he

took out ten thousand divine vital energy crystals and put them in front of him. Then he let out the spiritual tree and let it absorb power from the crystals.

The speed of absorption rate of the tree was way faster than before, a clear sign that his spiritual sense had tremendously grown.

In all, it took only about half a day for the spiritual tree to suck out all the ten thousand crystals.

The fight in Glint City before had sapped much of Austin's spiritual sense. Thankfully, he had now made up for all the lost power and even gained more.

Straightaway, he got to work and practiced, paying close attention to his progress.

Of course he had to use the demonic energy when he was practicing the skill of the demon race. So Austin tried to control the demonic energy in his bones.

After several cautious attempts, he was excited to finally gain his footing to control his new-found energy whichever way he wished.

The better part of the afternoon, he fully gave himself to the exercise.

When he stopped at long last, he stood up and walked around in the secret room.

His body was emitting fitful bursts of an evil aura that gradually filled the place.

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